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Buyer Persona Profile Card (PPT Template) - infoDiagram
from deck Marketing Buyer Persona (PPT Template)

Buyer Persona Profile Card Presentation Template

The Buyer Persona Profile Card Presentation Template is used to create a profile for a target customer or buyer. It helps marketers and business professionals to visualize the key demographic qualities, goals, needs, and backgrounds of their target audience, so that they can create campaigns and content that is tailored to their specific needs. The template is professionally designed and easy to edit so you can quickly adapt it to your presentation needs.

What Does This Buyer Persona Profile Card Slide Include?

  • Outline style diagram of a person.
  • Different categories of buyer persona features such as demographics, background, goals and needs, and - technology use.
  • Icons: Pencil, banknotes, pen and paper, target and arrow, PC.
  • Dark blue background.

This Buyer Persona Profile Card slide is a part of our Marketing Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template.

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