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Usage example

Slide Content

The slide presents four text frames showcasing "sample text Lorem ipsum", each with a unique hand-drawn border style. These frames seem to exemplify different design styles for text boxes that could be used to highlight information, quotes, or callouts in a presentation. The varied borders suggest a non-formal, creative approach to presenting text, moving away from traditional rectangular shapes or lines, instead using squiggles and doodles to attract attention.

Graphical Look

  • Four uniquely styled text frames with hand-drawn decorative borders.
  • Each border has a different design, ranging from loops, squiggles, brackets, to irregular polygonal shapes, which gives them a playful and informal appearance.
  • The text within each frame uses a casual, script-like font that matches the informal style of the borders.
  • All frames feature a drop shadow effect that provides a sense of depth, making the frames appear as if they are slightly raised above the slide's background.
  • The background of the slide is plain white, which contrasts with the sketches' blue-toned ink, making the designs more prominent.
  • The arrangements of the frames create a balanced composition with two frames aligned at the top and two at the bottom, equally spaced apart.

The slide has a casual and creative aesthetic. The simplistic background emphasizes the uniqueness of the text frame designs and their hand-drawn quality.

Use Cases

  • To present quotes or testimonials in a creative or informal business presentation.
  • As placeholders for highlighting key points, ideas, or concepts in an educational or workshop setting.
  • For displaying unique call-to-action statements in marketing or advertising slideshows.
  • In personal or artistic presentations where a less corporate and more individualized style is desired.

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