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Sketched Brackets Frames Pencil for Infographics ppt
from deck Sketch Banners Pencil Ribbon Infographics Titles (PPT shapes)

Brackets and frames

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide displays a variety of bracket shapes and frame designs, which can be utilized to highlight information or decorate text within a presentation. The six graphics illustrate a range of styles from simple curved lines to more complex, decorative frameworks. Each graphic serves as a visual aid to encapsulate key points, call attention to specific information, or create section dividers in a document or presentation. These visual elements help organize content aesthetically and can enhance the overall design of the slides.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a soft gradient from white at the top to a light grey at the bottom.
  • Six hand-drawn bracket shapes are arranged in two rows of three, each in a unique style.
  • The brackets are drawn with a sketch-like, blue brush stroke effect, giving the impression of hand-drawn doodles.
  • There are no fill colors within the brackets; they are outlined shapes only.
  • Each bracket is paired with a small circle or dot element, drawn with the same sketchy style.
  • The brackets and frames vary in shape: the top row has a horizontal oval, and two types of curly brackets; the bottom row features a square and a circular frame.

The slide has a clean and minimalistic look with a creative flair provided by the sketch-inspired bracket and frame illustrations. The use of blue against the neutral background ensures good visibility and a pop of color without being overwhelming.

Use Cases

  • To visually group or emphasize key points in a training or educational presentation.
  • As part of an agenda slide to differentiate between various topics or sections.
  • In a marketing presentation to draw attention to testimonials or quotes.
  • To add a decorative element to PowerPoint slides for more engaging visual storytelling.

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