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Bon prezentowy o wartości

Slide Content

This slide appears to be a template for a gift voucher valued at 59 PLN (złoty), for purchasing visualizations on a website. The voucher is intended for someone to fill in their details, highlighted by the ellipsis. A voucher code space is also provided, suggesting that this is to be used at the time of purchase. The validity of the voucher is mentioned at the bottom, indicating that it expires on December 31, 2013.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide is a blurred white and gray bokeh effect.
  • A large price tag dominates the center, with the number "59" and the currency symbol "zł" in bold, large font.
  • The price tag is red with a white border and has a black string attached to its left side.
  • A realistic red bow ribbon is placed on the bottom right corner of the price tag.
  • The slide title, "Bon prezentowy o wartości," is positioned at the top in a large, dark font.
  • There is a light shadow under the price tag, adding to the perception of depth.
  • Text fields are provided for a personalized message and voucher code entry.

The overall look is clean and festive, designed to catch the eye with a striking red price tag and bow. The choice of fonts and background bokeh effect conveys a sense of celebration and gift-giving.

Use Cases

  • As a gift certificate slide in a corporate presentation to promote holiday season sales or customer loyalty rewards.
  • For displaying promo codes or discounts in marketing presentations at business events or conferences.
  • Within a sales deck to highlight special offers available for a limited time to potential clients.
  • As part of an employee rewards program presentation during a company meeting or internal event.

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