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Colorful bar chart template for presenting statistics
from deck Flat Data-Driven Presentation Charts (PPT template)

Bar Chart 2-sided white

Slide Content

The slide presents a two-sided horizontal bar chart comparing imports and exports of the EU-27 in 2011. It shows data on trade by main product categories in billion EUR. For imports, the categories are listed from the bottom as Food, drinks & tobacco; Raw materials; Mineral fuels, lubricants; Chemicals & related products; Other manufactured goods; and Machinery & transport equipment. Each of these categories shows a negative value, representing the money spent on imports. For exports, the values are positive, suggesting revenue earned.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient of dark blue to lighter blue.
  • A large title "Bar Chart 2-sided white" is located at the top in white font.
  • A subtitle in a smaller grey font provides context: "Example: Extra EU-27 trade by main products, EU-27, 2011 (in 1 000 million EUR)."
  • A horizontal two-sided bar chart is central to the slide.
  • To the left of the chart, vertically aligned text spells out "Imports," paired with icons representing different industries.
  • To the right, "Exports" is written with the same style, without icons.
  • The chart bars are colored in shades of orange for imports and shades of blue for exports, with darker colors for higher values.
  • Small text at the bottom cites "Source: Eurostat."
  • Each bar associated with a particular category on the chart is labeled with both the category name and the corresponding numerical value.

The overall look of the slide is professional and visually balanced, with a clear contrast between the import (orange) and export (blue) data. The icons and color gradation make the data easily readable and visually engaging.

Use Cases

  • Presenting trade balance data in economic or business presentations.
  • Illustrating import-export reports in market analysis meetings.
  • Comparing industry-specific trade volumes during international trade conferences.
  • Using in educational settings to teach about trade economics and data visualization techniques.

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