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Ribbon banners – transparent

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Ribbon banners – transparent" features various styles of ribbon banner graphics, which can be used to highlight or emphasize text within a presentation. The banners have a sketch-like, hand-drawn aesthetic and appear to be semi-transparent, suggesting that they can overlay other content without fully obscuring it. Each ribbon banner is distinct in shape and design, catering to a range of presentation needs and styles.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a subtle gradient from light gray at the top to white at the bottom.
  • There are six ribbon banner graphics, each with a unique style.
  • The topmost graphic is a long, horizontal banner with pointed ends and two folds.
  • The second graphic portrays a banner with a more elaborate design, including a central fold and waving ends.
  • The middle row features two graphics: one is a compact, curved banner, and the other presents a pointed double-fold design.
  • The bottom row includes a circular banner with a surrounding loop, and a diamond-shaped graphic with a banner crossing through its center.

The slide's overall look is minimalist and creative, with a focus on hand-drawn, sketch-style ribbon banners against a neutral background. The graphics provide a casual and artistic feel while maintaining a professional appearance.

Use Cases

  • Highlighting section titles or key points in a business presentation to draw attention.
  • Adding a creative touch to agenda or summary slides without overwhelming the content.
  • Enhancing marketing materials when presenting new products or services with stylized captions.
  • Decorating award or recognition slides in a company meeting to distinguish honorees or achievements.

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