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Sketch Banners Outline Pencil Ribbon PowerPoint Titles
from deck Sketch Banners Pencil Ribbon Infographics Titles (PPT shapes)

Sample Text

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide seems to contain sketch-style ribbon banners with areas for customizable text. The first ribbon banner contains the placeholder "Sample Text" suggesting that it can be edited to feature any desired phrase or title. The second banner holds a numeric placeholder, "3," potentially for ranking or steps in a process. The third banner is more geometric with a space that could accommodate an icon or letter, hinting at customization for branding or graphical bullet points.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a hand-drawn, sketch-like aesthetic.
  • Three banners with ribbon designs are presented, each with a different style.
  • The first banner at the top is a classic scroll with curved edges and the text 'Sample text'.
  • The middle banner resembles an award or a certification seal with a central number '3'.
  • The lowest banner is a double-pointed shape with a triangular center space that may be for an icon or initial.
  • All images appear to be in a blue sketch pen style, implying an informal or creative approach.

The overall look of the slide is informal and creative, with a hand-sketched appearance that implies a customizable and engaging presentation element.

Use Cases

  • Highlighting section titles or key phrases during a presentation to add visual interest.
  • Showing steps or ranking in a list where the number '3' indicates sequence or importance.
  • Customizing the geometric banner with a company logo or icon for branding purposes in corporate presentations.
  • Emphasizing particular points or ideas creatively in educational or workshop slide decks.

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