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Food Product Sell Sheet Slide | Professional One Pager PPT Templates
from deck Food Product Sell Sheet Presentation One Pager (PPT Template)

This example slide shows a one pager/sell sheet template for food or beverage product descriptions. One-pagers are a useful B2C digital marketing resource as they are perfect for providing potential clients with key information, such as product features, on a single page so they're less likely to stop paying attention. By choosing visual designs such as this, you can great creative and make an eye-catching and visually exciting document that draws the reader's eye. You could use this product sell sheet template to present your product to restaurants, cafes, distributors, food/drink websites, suppliers, and similar places; add to marketing e-mails, include in performance reviews, add to presentations to your team, link to your website, make different versions of the same sales sheet for different occasions, highlight new items in your range, print to use as traditional marketing material to physically promote your product, etc.

All sell sheet design elements are easily customizable (you'll find a guide at the end of the deck), with the additional icon pack coming in a vector format. For example, you can add shadows and other effects, resize shapes so they won't lose image quality, download elements from PowerPoint into a PDF format or other options, change backgrounds and covers, and add your own text & data (e.g. chicken, fruit, vegetables, ingredients, calories, customer feedback, recipes, etc), change fonts, or edit colors to match your brand's theme.

Also compatible with Keynote and Google Slides.

Slide contents:

Food One Pager PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Sell Sheet, Textboxes, Placeholder Text, Line Graphics, Circle Graphics, Triangle Graphics, Placeholder Logo, Jar Symbol, Calendar Symbol, Snowflake Symbol, People Symbol, Diamond Symbol, Hand & Heart Symbol, Molecule Symbol, Knife & Fork Symbol, Internet Symbol, Hand Symbol, Car Symbol, Price Tag Symbol, Resizable Shapes, Gray Background, Food Placeholder Background Photo

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