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from deck Sketch Banners Pencil Ribbon Infographics Titles (PPT shapes)

Circle banners – with filling

Slide Content

The slide shows a variety of circle banners with a sketched aesthetic and different embellishments that could represent levels of achievement or categories. The main circle banner has a pair of ribbons attached to it, suggesting a prize or award representation. The smaller circle near the bottom could serve as a bullet point or a minor category indicator. The cloud shape differs from the rest, implying creativity or thought processes.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, providing a clean canvas that highlights the images.
  • Five sketched graphic icons are arranged horizontally across the middle of the slide.
  • The textures of the icons resemble pencil or crayon scribbles, giving a hand-drawn look.
  • The first icon is the largest, a circle with two ribbons hanging from its bottom, resembling a medal or emblem.
  • This icon is drawn with scribbled lines filled with a light blue color.
  • The second icon is a smaller simple circle with a ribbon banner, similar in design to the first but without any fill, suggesting a lesser status.
  • The third icon is a small, solid circle with a scribbly texture and no additional details.
  • The fourth icon is a smaller version of the third icon.
  • The last icon on the right is a cloud shape, filled with the same scribbled texture and light blue color, setting it apart from the circular theme.

The slide is visually balanced with ample negative space. The sketchy design of the graphics conveys a playful and informal tone.

Use Cases

  • Highlighting different levels of achievement or milestones in a corporate presentation.
  • Categorizing items in a more visually interesting way during educational training.
  • Using the cloud shape to signify brainstorming or ideation phases in a strategic planning session.
  • Incorporating into a marketing presentation to differentiate services or products creatively.

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