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Average Number of Messages Exchanged per Month
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Average Number of Messages Exchanged per Month

Slide Content

The slide provides information on the average number of messages exchanged per month, disaggregated by gender and age groups. It shows that females exchange more messages (810) on average compared to males (560). For age groups, the 13-17 category has the highest average (3500) while the 65+ has the lowest (50). Each numerical value likely represents the average number of messages a person in that demographic exchanges monthly, providing insights into communication patterns.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is dominated by two large graphs, one representing 'By Gender' and the other 'By Age.'
  • On the left, there are two human silhouettes, one male and one female, with speech bubble shapes above each displaying the numbers 560 and 810 respectively.
  • On the right, seven distinctly colored silhouettes represent different age groups, with varying height bar charts beneath each to reflect the quantity of messages exchanged.
  • Text labels are placed directly below each silhouette to indicate the corresponding gender or age group.
  • An aesthetic balance is maintained with color coordination, with the silhouette of the female and age group bars in different shades of blue.
  • The slide's background is white with a substantial title text anchored at the top in black, along with a subheading in gray.

The slide has a clean and professional look, using a consistent color scheme of blues and yellows. The data is displayed clearly, allowing for easy comparison between different demographics.

Use Cases

  • To present demographic insights on usage patterns of a messaging application or service during a stakeholder meeting.
  • To showcase customer communication trends in a marketing strategy presentation, helping to identify key target audiences.
  • To provide data for social media or telecom companies in a business review or planning session, focusing on user engagement across demographics.
  • To deliver academic or market research findings on communication habits across different age and gender groups.

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