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April — with place for notes

Slide Content

The slide is a visual representation of a calendar for the month of April 2016. It provides an overview of the dates, structured traditionally with Sunday starting the week. The days are clearly marked from 1 to 30, including slight emphasis on Saturdays and Sundays. A blue vertical banner highlights the year "April 2016" on the left side, indicating a special feature or current position within the calendar year. A sample annotation, "(a note...)" showcases the functionality for adding notes on specific days, illustrating the slide's utility for planning and reminders.

Graphical Look

  • Grey gradient background with a subtle white overlay towards the bottom
  • A blue vertical rectangular banner with "April 2016" written vertically along the left edge
  • Rectangular grid forming the calendar, with light grey lines dividing each day
  • Header row with abbreviated days of the week, from "SUN" to "SAT", in bold, dark grey text
  • Numbers representing days of the month, aligned to the top right inside each calendar cell
  • Grey circular icon in the bottom right corner, possibly indicating a slide number or control
  • Slight shadow effect beneath the days of the week headers and the blue banner
  • A noticeable cell with a dashed outline and lighter fill, signifying the ability to insert a note
  • Current day or selected date cell shaded with a slightly darker color than the rest

The overall look is clean and professional, focusing on clarity and ease of use. The design aids in precise date identification while also enabling personalized annotations.

Use Cases

  • Planning and scheduling meetings or project milestones during a monthly business review
  • Marking important company dates such as product launches or deadlines in a strategy presentation
  • Personalizing the calendar with notes for an interactive workshop or training session
  • Using in educational settings for demonstrating time management and planning skills

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