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Annual Budget Table Marketing Expenses
from deck Business PowerPoint Table Design & KPI List, Flat Style (PPT Template)

Annual Budget Table Marketing Expenses

Slide Content

The slide presents an "Annual Budget Table Marketing Expenses" containing 10 rows, deeming it expandable, with 5 columns including the categories: Cost Description, Budget, Actual, Balance, and Cumulative. The table includes a series of categories such as Creatives, HR Team, SEO, PR, Content Marketing, Tools, Infrastructure, and Website. Each category is accompanied by financial figures represented by 'X's placeholder and highlighted cells to denote important figures or to draw attention – for instance, the Balance and Cumulative columns use this technique for the PR and SEO items respectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white.
  • The title is in large, bold font at the top of the slide, which is highlighted by a light blue shape behind it.
  • The table is centrally located on the slide, with teal and light blue headers for the categories, and alternating white and light gray rows for clarity.
  • Each category within the "Cost Description" column is paired with a unique icon, creating a visual association with the expense type.
  • The "Balance" and "Cumulate" columns for the SEO and PR categories are highlighted with a green circle to indicate particular focus or importance.
  • To the right of the table, there's a text box with a gray background and light blue header, instructing to "Write here a summary of the table," serving as a placeholder for additional content.
  • The overall aesthetic of the slide is modern and clean, with a limited and coordinated color scheme that brings visual order and makes the financial data easy to digest. The icons and highlighted cells add an element of visual guidance that emphasizes important data points.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an annual marketing budget overview in corporate finance meetings.
  • Visualizing financial planning in a marketing strategy presentation to highlight allocations across different initiatives.
  • Showcasing expenditure versus allocated budgets in progress report updates to stakeholders or management.
  • Comparing actual spend against budgeted amounts during fiscal reviews or team accountability meetings.

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