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Animated gauges charts for two product categories with comment fields
from deck Gauge Charts for KPI Dashboards (PPT Template)

Animated Gauges Charts Template

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Animated Gauges Charts Template" presents a visually engaging method to display data through two product categories with comment fields. It illustrates the concept of data-driven charts, highlighting that the charts are generated from Excel data and have elements which can be manually adjusted. Additionally, there's a mention of an animated chart version, suggesting that these visual representations can be dynamic. The template is designed for users to input their text and data, offering placeholders for explanatory text alongside the gauges, thus facilitating customization to reflect specific metrics or indicators.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark teal header with light text for the main title and a darker subheading.
  • Two gauge charts are positioned on the right side, one above the other, with a percentage in the center of each gauge to indicate a measure or KPI.
  • The colors of the gauges are coordinated with the text boxes on the left -- the upper gauge chart and the corresponding text box use a teal color scheme, while the lower gauge and text box utilize a green color scheme.
  • Both text boxes have a placeholder text "Here you can write your text..." and contain dummy Latin text.
  • Each text box is preceded by a circular icon indicating the category of the product or metric -- the top with a box that presumably represents files or documents and the bottom with a cart, perhaps signifying a shopping cart or sales.
  • The overall design layout is balanced and modern, with sharp lines, clean fonts, and a professional color palette.

The PowerPoint slide has a sleek and professional look with a well-structured layout that visually separates content into clear segments. The use of gauges adds a graphical element to represent data in an easily interpretable and engaging way.

Use Cases

  • Presenting performance metrics or KPIs in a business dashboard during a corporate meeting.
  • Showcasing progress towards sales or productivity goals in a quarterly business review.
  • Using in an educational setting to teach about data visualization and charting techniques.
  • Including in a report or proposal to visually communicate data insights or performance benchmarks.

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