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All Diagram Shapes Are Easy to Adapt
from deck Employer Branding HR Process Diagrams (PPT Template)

All Diagram Shapes Are Easy to Adapt

Slide Content

The slide presents the adaptability of diagram shapes in PowerPoint presentations. It showcases three color-coded, rectangular cards with rounded corners, each titled "Career" and listing key attributes: "Ability and Chance to progress and develop" and "Stability." An additional set of cards with the title "Employees" implies diversity in content types. A right-hand sidebar complements the main visual, detailing instructions on editing, such as text changes, icon replacements, color adjustments, and resizing, under the header "Fully editable." A footnote explains how to modify elements within a group without ungrouping, maintaining the overall design structure.

Graphical Look

  • The title is at the top of the slide in large, bold text.
  • Four rectangular shapes with rounded corners serve as the main graphical elements.
  • The rectangles have different colors (blue, green, and gold) to distinguish their categories.
  • Each rectangle contains an icon at the top, a title, and a bulleted list.
  • The icon in the blue rectangle depicts a person at a podium, representing a career.
  • The titles are bold and capitalized for emphasis.
  • The bullet list uses dashed lines for separation to denote key attributes associated with the title.
  • To the right, a sidebar with a contrasting color includes editing instructions.
  • The sidebar arrow shape points to the title, connecting the concept of editability.
  • There is a smaller, grey rectangle at the bottom with additional text on how to make specific edits.
  • All elements are evenly spaced and aligned for visual balance.

The slide has a professional and clean design with a clear emphasis on the ease of adaptability for the diagram shapes. The use of colors, icons, and alignment contributes to an organized visual hierarchy.

Use Cases

  • To demonstrate the flexibility and customization options of presentation templates during a sales pitch for design software.
  • In a training session for new employees to familiarize them with company presentation tools and how to modify branded materials.
  • For a workshop on advanced PowerPoint skills, highlighting how to edit grouped elements and adapt slides for different purposes.
  • As part of a company's brand guidelines documentation, showing how internal presentations should be adapted while maintaining brand consistency.

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