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All agenda shapes are easy to modify
from deck Meeting Outline Agenda & Sections Indicators (PPT Template)

All agenda shapes are easy to modify

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide provides instructions on how to customize agenda shapes. The central theme is that users can easily modify the shapes to their liking. There are prompts indicating that the shapes are "Fully editable," with options to "Change texts, icons, adapt colors to your brand, resize." It further highlights the ability to "Ungroup and easily copy, duplicate or remove items," suggesting that each aspect of the agenda graphics can be manipulated independently for tailored presentation needs.

Graphical Look

  • Two large, triangle-shaped graphics are positioned on the left and right sides of the slide, connected by a gray arrow that indicates a transformation or transition.
  • Each triangle is dotted with smaller circular points and has a different orientation and style—symbolizing progression or stages.
  • The left triangle is gray, with a green circle labeled "1" and a matching green arrow, emphasizing the starting point or the first item on an agenda.
  • The right triangle is outlined in blue, with a larger orange circle labeled "3" and a blue arrow, indicating a subsequent stage or item.
  • Two text boxes with dark headers are located on the right, one above the other, containing the editable instructions in white font.
  • Small gray arrows point from these text boxes towards the blue triangle, linking the text instructions to the graphical representation of change.

The slide combines crisp, vector-style graphics with pastel colors to depict the ease of customization for agenda items in a presentation. The visual elements are designed to be intuitive, showing the transformation from a basic to an enhanced state.

Use Cases

  • Introducing presentation software or template capabilities in a training or product demonstration, highlighting editability and customization options.
  • Instructing team members during a meeting on how to adapt corporate presentation materials to maintain brand consistency.
  • Offering a visual guide for keynote speakers or presenters to structure their individual agendas and personalize presentation content.
  • Using in a marketing pitch to showcase the flexibility and adaptability of presentation tools or design services to potential clients.

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