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Creative hand drawn algorithm flowchart
from deck Flow Chart Template for Process and Algorithm with Creative Infographics

Creative Hand Drawn Algorithm Flowchart Graphics

Slide Content

The slide illustrates a simple algorithm flowchart with a hand-drawn aesthetic. It starts with an "Input" in a green rectangle, then flows to a "Start" parallelogram, suggesting the initiation of a process. Two "Decision" diamonds follow, indicating points where a choice must be made, each leading to either a "Process step" or a delay symbolized by a clock, and ultimately to two distinct "End Type" terminations. The "Input" represents the data or information required to begin the process. The "Start" initiates the sequence of actions. Each "Decision" represents a junction where a determination is made to follow one path or another. The "Process step" reflects tasks or operations in the workflow. The clock indicates a waiting or pausing period, and "End Type 1" and "End Type 2" signify different conclusions or outcomes of the process.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Creative Hand Drawn Algorithm Flowchart Graphics" is prominently displayed at the top.
  • The flowchart includes a variety of shapes: a green rectangle labeled "Input," a purple parallelogram for "Start," two blue diamonds for "Decision," two orange rectangles for "Process step," a clock symbol representing "Delay," and two maroon capsules for "End Type 1" and "End Type 2."
  • Arrows between the shapes indicate the flow of the process, featuring a hand-drawn style.
  • The color palette is vibrant, utilizing shades of green, purple, blue, orange, grey, and maroon.
  • All shapes and text appear to be sketched, adding to the creative and informal feel of the graphics.

The slide has an informal and engaging design, achieved through the use of hand-drawn sketch-like elements and a bright color scheme. This gives the impression of a personal, non-traditional approach to presenting workflow concepts.

Use ### Use Cases

  • Illustrating decision-making flows in problem-solving sessions to make complex processes more approachable and understandable.
  • Creating a visually engaging presentation for a business meeting where a new workflow or process is being introduced to the team.
  • Utilizing in educational environments, such as workshops or seminars, to explain algorithmic thinking or programming logic in a more accessible way.
  • Incorporating into pitch decks when proposing a new project or service to clients, demonstrating the steps involved in the proposed solution.

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