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Creative Hand Drawn Flowcharts Shapes

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Creative Hand Drawn Flowcharts Shapes" displays various shapes used to represent different elements in a flowchart: "Start/End" signifies the beginning or conclusion of a process; "Process Step" represents a stage within a process; "Input/Output" indicates the entry or delivery of data; and "Decision" points to a branching where a choice must be made. The shapes for "Document" and "Many Documents" are for depicting single and multiple documents respectively; "Predefined Process" denotes an established sequence of actions; "Delay" depicts a pause or wait in the process; "Display" shows data or information output; "Off-page Connector" represents continuity from another page; and "Connector" and "Hand Drawn Arrows" are for indicating the direction of flow within the flowchart.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Creative Hand Drawn Flowcharts Shapes" is prominently displayed at the top in a large, bold font.
  • Under the title, there is a subtitle listing the types of shapes represented.
  • The slide has ten distinctive shapes, each labeled with a different flowchart component, and a palette of hand-drawn arrows at the bottom.
  • The shapes vary in color, with "Start/End" in purple, "Process Step" in orange, "Input/Output" in blue, and the others in various shades.
  • Each shape has a hand-drawn, sketched look, with hatching and shading to enhance the aesthetic.
  • The shapes are arranged in two rows with some overlap, preserving a balanced and organized appearance.
  • The graphical objects use dashed lines, fill patterns, and gradients to convey the hand-drawn style.

The slide has a clean, creative appearance with a playful twist on the standard flowchart symbols. The hand-drawn style adds a personal and informal touch to the design of typical flowchart elements.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the structure of workflows during team meetings for a more engaging and approachable discussion.
  • Visualizing processes in educational settings where a more casual or artistic representation is preferred.
  • Creating strategy documents that require the mapping of business processes with a unique, informal aesthetic.
  • Enhancing client-facing presentations where a creative touch helps convey complex procedural information in a simplified manner.

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