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AI Prompting Cheat-Sheet Content

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide appears to be an introduction or table of contents for a presentation on AI prompting. It includes an overview and specific sections, like "Background – ChatGPT & Prompting," which would introduce the concept and perhaps the history or context of using AI like ChatGPT for prompting tasks. "Cheat-Sheet Overview" might provide a summary of tips or tricks for effective prompting. "Specific Sections + Explanation" suggests a detailed look into various aspects of AI prompting, possibly with examples. "Templates for Prompt Notes" could offer pre-formatted text or frameworks for users to craft prompts. Lastly, "Visuals: How to Edit & Icon Set" seems to cover the customization of visual aids and the usage of icons, enhancing the prompts or presentation material.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background features a stylized image of a futuristic, high-tech environment with blue tones and abstract representations of skyscrapers and people.
  • A large circular graphic is situated on the bottom left side of the slide, filled with a teal color, containing a white icon that resembles a presentation board or flip chart.
  • A white rectangular content box with rounded corners, offset to the right, overlaps the background image and contains the text items listed as part of the content.
  • Text is formatted in a bold, modern font and aligned to the left within the content box, with each item numbered.
  • The overall color scheme of the slide is blue and white, with teal accents.
  • There's a gentle gradient in the teal circle, adding depth to the graphic element.

The design of the slide is sleek and modern, appealing to a professional audience. It suggests a clean, organized approach to presenting the content with a tech-oriented theme.

Use Cases

  • Introductory slide for workshops or training sessions centered on AI and machine learning, setting the stage for what participants will learn.
  • Table of contents in a corporate presentation about integrating AI Chatbot and AI tool deployment strategies, showing an outline of topics covered in the training material.
  • Speaker aid at conferences or seminars focusing on technology, especially those discussing AI innovations, prompting techniques, and user interfaces.
  • Education and informational material for internal team meetings on the subject of effective communication and engagement strategies via AI systems, guiding the meeting's flow.

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