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This is an AI & Machine Learning Methods PowerPoint Slide. These methods are Deep Learning - a type of machine which is based on artificial neural networks with multiple processing layers extracting high-level features of data; Reasoning - machine reasoning is the logical process of problems prediction, and a single approach toward a thought based on previous knowledge; Image Recognition - uses different algorithms for object and face recognition such as SIFT (Scale-invariant feature transform), PCA (Principal component analysis), and LDA (Linear discriminant analysis); Speech Recognition - consists of two segments: speaker-dependent (dictation software) and speaker-independent (used in phone apps); Classification - based on prediction on a given data, classify something as spam, etc.; Supervised Learning - machine learning task that uses algorithms from input to output based on a set of training examples, and Unsupervised Learning - an algorithm which uses a pattern from untagged data through mimicry. All of these methods are part of Artificial Intelligence.

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