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Artificial Intelligence Development History Timeline
from deck AI & Machine Learning Presentation Diagrams (PPT template)

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This artificial intelligence timeline infographic slide presents the development history of artificial intelligence and machine learning development. This powerful PowerPoint presentation is great for academics, or anyone who is involved with ai and machine learning and wants to explain this concept. In the year 1950, Alan Turing created the conceptĀ of a theoretical machine. The purpose of this machine was to mimic humans and trick other human beings, but with higher intelligence. This similar computer concept was able to process many cryptographic messages (the art of creating hard-to-break codes) from the Enigma machine which for a normal human would have taken double the time to decipher. In 1956, John McCarthy introduces the term "Artificial Intelligence". Later on, in 1964 Joseph Weizenbaum the chatbot was presented as capable of holding conversations with humans. 1997 was a bad year for the chess champion Gary Kasparov, as he was defeated by IBM's Deep Blue chess-player computer. Sony launched the first robot pet dog Aibo in 1999, whose skills and personality developed over time. The first robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba which navigated independently through homes was brought in 2002. 2011 - Apple integrates into iPhone Siri - the virtual assistant. The question answering computer Watson wins 1st place on the TV show Jeopardy. In 2014 Amazon launches Alexa -an intelligent virtual assistant that completes shopping tasks.

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