AI Applications Examples Presentation PowerPoint Slide
from deck AI & Machine Learning Presentation Diagrams (PPT template)

Slide content:

This is an AI application examples presentation slide. It shows us 12 different applications under one main category - Artificial Intelligence. The AI technology usage is noticed in the following apps: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Machine Translations, Robotics, Decision Support Systems, Predictive Analysis, Expert Systems, Self-Driving Car/Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Chatbots, and Automated Scheduling. AI and Machine Learning algorithms' purpose is to make data processing faster. The topic of real-world artificial intelligence applications is getting very popular, and what is better than presenting it with great visuals and graphics. This slide is part of the deck AI & Machine Learning Presentation Diagrams (PPT template).

Slide Infographic description:

The slide contains hexagon list infographics covering the top use of AI technology. You can edit those use cases, and adapt them to various domains you work with.

White Background, Grey Text Banners, Smartphone Message Icon, Machine Learning Icon, Eye Retina Icon, Speech Recognition Icon, Question Cloud Icon, Brainstorming Icon, Robotics Icon, Tick Notepad Icon, Line Chart Icon, Predictive Analysis Icon, Elements Hierarchy Icon, Car Icon, Chatbot Icon, Calendar Icon, Flat Outline Vectors

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