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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a collection of icons available in six different styles for varied background settings. "Symbols only" signifies a basic icon with no additional design elements, suitable for any usage where a clear, unobstructed symbol is needed. "Symbols in circles" encapsulates the icon within a circle, providing a contained visual that can help in distinguishing the icon from surrounding content. "Natural colors" depict the icon in a realistic color palette, which could be utilized for a more authentic or organic representation. The other three styles are specialized for different backdrops: for light backgrounds, for dark backgrounds, and for low contrast backgrounds, each showing the same icon optimized for visibility against these specific background types.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is divided into two sections by horizontal color blocks: a light green for "For light backgrounds" and a dark green for "For dark backgrounds."
  • Within each colored block, there are two smaller rectangles with icons: one on the left and another in the center.
  • Two additional rectangles are similarly styled, but placed outside the color blocks, with a "Natural colors" version and the one "For low contrast backgrounds."
  • Each smaller rectangle features an icon with different background adaptations like a plain icon, an icon within a circle, and an icon with natural colors.
  • The icons within the rectangles are in a contrasting color to the rectangle's background for visibility.
  • The slide uses sans-serif typeface for clear and legible text.
  • A drop shadow effect is applied to all smaller rectangles, giving a sense of depth on the slide.

The PowerPoint slide employs a clean and modern design with a balance of colors and elements to showcase icon variations effectively. The use of colored blocks and shadow effects on the rectangles creates a structured and appealing visual hierarchy.

Use Cases

  • To demonstrate different icon styles in a corporate branding or style guide presentation.
  • As part of a user interface design pitch , to show how icons can adapt to various background conditions in apps or websites.
  • In a marketing materials creation workshop, teaching how to choose icon styles for diverse promotional contexts.
  • As an educational resource for graphic design courses, explaining the importance of icon visibility across different presentation backgrounds.

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