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Agility Project Template

Slide Content

The slide titled "Agility Project Template" covers essential components for agile project management: Tactics, Actions, Responsible, Deadline, and Deliverables. Each component has an icon and space for details: "Tactic" refers to the strategic approach, "Action" denotes specific steps, "Responsible" identifies the accountable individual or role (with CFO as an example), "Deadline" indicates the time frame (31.12.20XX as an example), and "Deliverables" describes expected outcomes including contingency plans.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a slight gradient at the edges.
  • The title "Agility Project Template" is at the top in large, dark font.
  • Five round icons with turquoise backgrounds and white images represent different aspects of a project (Tactics, Actions, etc.).
  • Under each icon, a corresponding label is provided in capital letters.
  • A light gray table with six rows, including examples and placeholders ("Your text here"), aligns beneath the icons and labels.
  • The left side of the slide has a dark turquoise vertical banner labeled "Rolling planning" with lighter shades creating a bar effect.
  • The icons depict a chess piece for "Tactic," a checklist for "Action," a silhouette for "Responsible," a clock for "Deadline," and a mountain peak for "Deliverables."

The overall look of the slide is clean and business-like, using a consistent turquoise theme with white text for easy readability. The visual elements are modern and symbolic, facilitating quick understanding of each project element.

Use Cases

  • To present an agile project plan in management meetings, detailing each key aspect of the initiative.
  • To provide a clear breakdown of responsibilities and timelines during project kick-off sessions.
  • For mid-project reviews, updating stakeholders on the project's progress against each area of focus.
  • As a template for project status reports to the board of directors or other executive management teams, showcasing how the project aligns with strategic objectives.

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