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Achievement Status Percentage Pie ChartCertificate Award Clipart Graphics with Explanation Field
from deck Creative Percentage Shares Pie Charts (PPT Template, data-driven)

Achievement Status Percentage Pie Chart

This PowerPoint slide visually represents the progress toward a specific goal or achievement. It utilizes a pie chart to showcase the completion percentage, accompanied by certificate award clipart graphics to symbolize success and recognition. The slide also provides text fields for detailed explanations and highlights, making it an ideal tool for communicating achievements, milestones, and performance metrics in business presentations.

What Does This Achievement Status Percentage Pie Chart Include?

  • A prominent pie chart divided into two contrasting colors, representing the completed and remaining portions of the goal
  • A large, eye-catching certificate award icon placed beside the pie chart, symbolizing recognition and accomplishment
  • Three bullet points with placeholder text, allowing for concise explanations and highlights related to the achievement
  • An outline icon of a goal, accomplishment

This Achievement Status Percentage Pie Chart is a part of our Creative Percentage Shares Data-driven Pie Charts PPT Template.

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