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Example Slide - Mind Map (with 5 branches) PPT Template
from deck Creative & Simple Mind Map Diagrams (PPT Template)

This image example shows a mind map with 5 branches for main ideas and sub-branches for connected & related ideas. Creating a mind map is a method that can help you to document, list, or brainstorm concepts & ideas around a central topic, with tree-like branches flowing out, in detail; in a clear visual manner. You could use this mindmap template as a tool for brainstorming sessions, analyzing & comparing concepts to draw a conclusion, mapping out concepts such as strategies, software solutions, project tasks, or goals; use it to start off meetings to help engage your audience, employee resources, to complete analysis presentations, note down individual ideas, etc. All design elements are fully editable, with icons coming in a vector graphic format. You can add your own text & data (e.g. 3 product ideas for 2022), resize shapes without loss of image quality, add shadows and other effects, change colors to match your brand's theme, or save & view in a PDF format, for example.

Slide contents:

Mind Map PPT, Vector Graphic Illustrations, Mind Map Diagram, Circle Graphics, Placeholder Text, Line Graphics, Brain Symbol, Box Symbol, Person with Megaphone Symbol, People Symbol, Chess Piece Symbol, Light Bulb Symbol, Resizable Shapes, White Background

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