Definition of Place in Marketing Mix PPT
from deck Marketing Mix Diagram Template (PPT chart icons)

Place in Marketing Mix slide content

This slide shows one of the 4Ps in the marketing mix – place. You can explain what the best distribution channels are, and where you can find potential buyers. Choosing the right location can either make or break your new product since it’s important for your product to reach the right target group. Write a detailed analysis of the product placement, so you can discuss it with your team and discover potential loopholes and maximize your marketing strategy. All the graphics are editable, so you can resize the elements as you find fit. Video instructions are also included if you don’t have design skills. You can also download the presentation in Google Slides and Keynote too. Click on the picture to see more 4Ps slide ideas.

Place in Marketing Mix slide infographics

White Background, Colorful Shape Vector, Pinned Map Location Outline Icon, Bullet Points

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