Marketing Mix Slide With Colorful Icons
from deck Marketing Mix Diagram Template (PPT chart icons)

Marketing Mix Slide content

Marketing mix slide presenting the four Ps: product, price, promotion, and place. You can use this slide to present your marketing strategy to your team, during launching a new product on the market. Explain your product’s quality and features, your price strategy (will you offer a discount, what’s the retail price), a place where this product will be sold – which distribution channels will you use, and location, and will you promote this product through merchandising or PR. Replace the standard list with interesting visuals to keep your audience engaged. All the elements are vectors, so you can resize them without any quality loss. You can download the presentation in other software, such as Google Slides and Keynote. Click on the picture to see the whole Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template.

Marketing Mix Slide infographics:

List Diagram, Text Boxes, Line Vectors, Bullet Points, Color Coding, 3D Box Icon, Price Etiquette Icon, Location Pin Icon, Announce Siren Icon

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