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4 KPI Values Presentation Template

Slide Content

The slide titled "4 KPI Values Presentation Template" displays four different KPI (Key Performance Indicators) metrics relevant to business performance: Sales Revenue, Performance Percentage Indicator, Products Manufactured, and Location. Each KPI is represented by a large colored circle containing a key figure: "47M" and a money bag icon signifying Sales Revenue, "73%" with a circular progress bar icon hinting at performance evaluation, "2300" accompanied by a box icon likely representing the number of products manufactured, and "38" next to a buildings icon possibly indicating the number of locations.

Graphical Look

  • Four large circles dominate the slide, each with a bold number in the center: "47M", "73%", "2300", and "38".
  • Each circle has a different color: green, blue, orange, and light blue, representing different data points or categories.
  • Below each circle, there is placeholder text for additional descriptions, suggesting that the presenter can provide more context to the numbers shown.
  • Icons are placed beneath the text, correlating with the KPI they represent: a money bag for revenue, a circular progress bar for performance percentage, a box for products manufactured, and building icon for location.
  • A horizontal line connects the circles, implying the flow or relationship between different KPIs.

The slide has a clean and professional design with contrasting, colorful circles that draw attention to the key figures. The icons are simple and communicate the essence of each KPI intuitively.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating company performance across various key areas in executive meetings.
  • Presenting quarterly or annual results to stakeholders or potential investors.
  • Summarizing the main highlights during an internal team or departmental review.
  • Incorporating it into a sales proposal to indicate historical success or market position.

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