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3 KPI Values Presentation Template, Hexagonal Elements
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3 KPI Values Presentation Template, Hexagonal Elements

Slide Content

The slide titled "3 KPI Values Presentation Template, Hexagonal Elements" showcases three key performance indicators (KPIs): Sales Revenue, Production, and Performance Percentage Level. Each KPI is represented by a hexagon with a distinct color—blue for Sales Revenue (47M), green for Performance Level (73%), and orange for Production (2300). Under each KPI value, there is a placeholder for additional text to provide more detail about the respective metric.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, providing a neutral backdrop for the content.
  • Three hexagonal shapes are aligned horizontally across the slide, each one with a different color (blue, green, and orange) and a light shadow effect, giving a sense of depth.
  • Inside each hexagon, at the top, there is a white circle with an icon: a money bag for Sales Revenue, a speedometer for Performance Level, and a factory for Production.
  • A large bold number is centered within each hexagon representing the KPI value: "47M" for Sales Revenue, "73%" for Performance Level, and "2300" for Production.
  • Below the numbers, there is a text field with placeholder text "Write your description here. This is a place for your text." in each hexagon, suggesting customization by the presenter.

The slide has a clean and modern visual design, with a balanced use of color and space making the KPI data stand out. The use of hexagons provides a geometric contrast that's visually appealing and directs focus to the key figures.

Use Cases

  • Presenting quarterly business results to stakeholders by showcasing revenue, production output, and performance metrics in a clear and concise manner.
  • Reporting department-specific KPIs during team meetings or performance reviews to give a snapshot of performance against specified targets.
  • Creating a dashboard overview of critical metrics for a business pitch or investment presentation to highlight company strengths in key areas.
  • Summarizing project status updates to display progress in terms of budget, timelines, and deliverables to project teams or clients.

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