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    What are infoDiagrams for?

    To make complex topics easier to understand. To make your slides stand out.

    See our guides how to use infoDiagrams.

    How to change text into diagrams

    More examples can be found on our blog: Simple visualization of ideas

    How to Edit Powerpoint Slides with infoDiagram Icons

    Editing icon colors
    1. Copy icon
      • Ctrl+C (copy)
      • Ctrl+V (paste)
    2. Change size
      • Shift + zoom by mouse
    3. Change color
      • Menu: Color palette
      • Menu: Quick Styles
    Adding icon text
    1. Copy icon
      • Ctrl+C (copy)
      • Ctrl+V (paste)
    2. Enter text
      • F2 key (editing text inside the shape)
      • Menu: align text to middle and center
    Highlighting text with icons
    1. Copy icon
      • Ctrl+C (copy)
      • Ctrl+V (paste)
    2. Adjust
      • size: Shift + zoom by mouse
      • color: Menu: Color palette / Quick Styles

    More information about using infoDiagrams can be found in Frequently Asked Questions.

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