Frequently asked questions?

  1. How infoDiagram service works?

    We offer wo types of products supporting use of visualizations: pre-designed content-rich diagrams and graphical tools (icons, symbols) for creating diagrams yourself. Content-rich diagrams are there to help you understand the topic and to inspire you how specific concept can be visualized. You can buy the editable version of visualizations for your commercial use. Purchased version is easy to modify in your PowerPoint or equivalent software (Keynote or OpenOffice Impress).

    In other words - pictures: How infoDiagram works

  2. Do I have rights to use freely diagrams from your page ?  What I can do with purchased diagrams?

    Yes, you can freely use diagrams you have purchased. Add them to your presentation, publish them in blog or other materials. You can edit shapes, changes colors, add or delete objects. Anything to fit diagrams to your needs. You cannot sell the diagrams further. \ You are not allowed to pass diagrams out of company / institution who purchased it.

    If we are speaking about not-purchased diagrams, available for free viewing on our webpage, then you can use them to build your understanding, we encourage you to explore associated Know-how resources. However, you are not allowed to publish it, edit it, delete watermark.

  3. Can I edit the content of infoDiagrams?

    Yes, this is the the main benefit of offered diagrams. So go and change colors, shapes, adapt them to your needs.

  4. What is the credibility of data used in diagrams

    ... we try our best to be as accurate as possible. We add resources we base the diagram on, if they are available. If there are no resources mentioned, then diagram is based on common knowledge of our team (we all have over 5 years of experience from different business sectors).

    However, we don't give guarantee that information included in diagrams is accurate and up to date (please write us if you notice some important inaccuracy). We believe you may have more accurate information in your domain. But thanks to editability of diagrams you can easily adopt the diagram to your data.

  5. Is payment secure?

    We are using 3rd party payment processor - Braintree (A PayPal Service). The connection with our site and Braintree is encrypted. Your payment data is transmitted directly to Braintree. To learn more visit Braintree Compliance Article.

  6. Can I use the diagrams in other graphical software e.g. in Illustrator?

    Yes, it is vector format. We provide it as PPT, but you can easily export to general vector format ... e.g. in PDF  - Illustrator can import vector graphics from such PDF.

  7. Can I export diagrams for my Blog?

    Yes, edit diagrams for your needs and then export from PPT to PNG and save as picture.

  8. Is it covered by the license that I use an icon on a website that I run?

    Yes, you are free to use the icons also for your website, email or printed materials, assuming the icons will be in bitmap form (e.g. PNG, JPG, GIF picture).

    You are just not allowed to distribute them in editable format (e.g. vector shapes in PowerPoint) or resell the package without our permission.

    See our visual guide to export the icons on Slideshare:

  9. How to change icons to bitmap (e.g. not to share editable icons)?
    Icons not displaying correctly in OpenOffice.

    If you are opening infoDiagram icons in OpenOffice, some of them may not be displayed correctly (they are editable but sometimes you need to reapply the color to visuals using). We designed and test our visuals primarily for Microsoft PowerPoint (2007 and newer).

    One way to ensure the correct look of icons in OpenOffice is to change them as a bitmap in PowerPoint. Then for sure they will be correctly displayed also in OpenOffice (they will be transparent but not editable anymore).

    Changing the icons to bitmap is rather easy, just "Cut" the icon (or icons group) into clipboard (shortcut Ctrl+C) and do "Paste Special" (Crtl+Shift+V) - choose Picture (PNG bitmap) to get transparent icons.

  10. I want to write a book. Would using infoDiagram icons in the book be allowed? I mean, can I use your icons in a commercial way, that I integrate into a product (like a book or a pocked guide) and sell this product? (of course not the icons themselves thats clear).

    Congratulation to Your writing initiative. Yes, you can use the icons also for the book (assuming it's not open format, where icons can be extracted from - e.g. PowerPoint format. If the book will be printed or PDF, than it's ok to use them).

    PS. You may consider give some extras for your book readers, contact us to discuss discount for your readers community.

  11. The color of diagrams (or icons) changes when I copied them into my presentation.

    When copying objects (icons, shapes, schemas) from one PowerPoint slide to another, the color can change, in case it uses palette from current presentation file (*). To apply original color set, click on the small icon (see picture below) that appears after pasting object into new presentation and select applying source format.

    We are talking here only about newer versions of PowerPoint (Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, with PPTX format). Older PowerPoint (MS Office 2003, with PPT format) does not use the kind of palette colors.

    *This concerns only colors that are defined as "palette colors" inside document. If you define your own color manually on the object, entering RGB values, then the colors will remain the same
  12. How to resize icon keeping its proportions

    Hold a 'Ctrl' key while resizing an icon with the mouse.

  13. Can I use your PowerPoint icons in Word? How can I export icons from PPT to DOC file?

    Yes, infoDiagram icons can be easily used also in other MS Office documents, including Word or Excel.

    If you have Microsoft Office 2010, you can easily Cut and Paste infoDiagram icons from PowerPoint file into Word document and then you edit them the same way as in PowerPoint (changing filling color, contour, shadow etc.). In 2007 Word version (Microsoft Office 2007) the copied icons are changed to bitmap picture, so you won't be able to edit them in Word. To edit the infoDiagram icons, firstly modify them in PowerPoint and then paste as bitmap picture.

    (see our How To Videos on how to edit colors in vector PowerPoint icons)

    If you want to use our icons - markers to underline mark text in Word, put icons behind the text.

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