Watercolor Shapes Aquarelle Stripe Arrow Circle (PPT pictures)

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63 illustrations (39 slides)


Package description

Watercolor shapes set for PowerPoint

  • watercolor arrows, square, stripe, circle. Various colors (63 variations), semi-transparent.
  • editable data charts with watercolor filling
  • editable SmartArt diagrams with watercolor filling
  • various slide layouts with watercolor elements (summary line, comparison, timeline arrow, chevron arrows diagram, agenda watercolor points)

Handdrawn watercolor graphical elements - in aquarelle organic style - Watercolor shapes on plain paper background
  • watercolor arrows, watercolor square and rectangle shape, watercolor circle for numbering bullets.
  • shapes provided various color (63 variations) and with semi-transparent background - fits to light and dark background
  • 3 editable data charts examples (pie chart, bar chart, column chart) with watercolor filling
  • 16 editable SmartArt diagram examples with watercolor shapes
  • 10 slide layouts with watercolor elements (highlighted summary line, two column comparison stripes, timeline watercolor arrow, arrows process flow diagram, agenda with watercolor bulletpoints)