Venn Intersection Diagrams Template (PPT graphics)

Venn Intersection Diagrams Template (PPT graphics)

16 diagrams, 25 icons (23 slides)

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The icons are fantastic, easy to use, and will add value to any project or presentation. Keep up the great work.

Jared Cavaness, Director of Supply Chain, USA

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I love how simple infoDiagram's solutions are and the personal interest they took in my work. Recommended 1000%!

Martin Messier, Brasil

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The crisp, clean look of the graphics, and the fact that it allowed me to easily edit and change the colors to match the template was my main reason for purchasing them.

Brandie Jenkins, E-learning Developer, USA

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Your graphics add a nice touch to my presentations and I recently used them for one of my all-hands meetings. Your toolbox adds professionalism to my slides. Instead of using standard clipart.

Claude Jones, Director of Engineer, @Walmartlabs, USA

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I purchased several images from infoDiagram and can’t tell you how pleased I am! I particularly like how adaptable the Powerpoint graphics are.

Kerry Hurley, Owner, San Francisco Bay Area

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I just posted a new entry to my blog, and I used your PowerPoint designs to help create a graphic to explain Kanban.

David Neal, blogger, developer, USA

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I expected a lot from the set, but it appeared to be even better! Great job!

Milena Pajic, Project Manager and Kanban Practitioner, Serbia

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I purchased the Kanban icons and the purchase process was smooth, quick and easy. I had my assets immediately.

Julia Wester, Technical Manager, USA

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Infodiagram makes it easy to create slides, leaving me more time to focus on project analysis versus slide creation, without compromising on creativity.

Astrid Malval-Beharry, Principal, StratMaven LLC

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It really helps to my daily work. I think it's a great added value to the presentations, as a point of differentiation.

Maria Elisa Ruibal, Market Research Analyst, Argentina

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I enjoy your service, which saves me a lot of work when creating powerpoint presentations.

Soren Weiss Hansen, Agile Coach & Change Agent, Denmark

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Outstanding customer service. They're always willing to create a new custom icon for me.

Astrid, Principal at Management Consulting Firm, USA

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Your work is very beautiful, congrats.

Valentin Robineau, Engineer, Réseau Sorbonne Universités, France

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I needed a clean looking, striking but simple and streamlined presentation. InfoDiagram had exactly that. The service was fast, friendly and very professional, highly recommended.

Scott.S Park, Senior System Manager, Switzerland

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Package description

Set of editable PowerPoint Venn Diagram to present overlapping relationships in a presentation.

The Venn Intersecting Diagrams template includes set of modern outline and flat icons you can use to represent attributes you compare and their joint areas.

Those Intersection Diagrams include:

  • 16 venn diagrams, with 2 circles, 3 circles, 4 circles, 5 and circles overlapping sets. We designed filled and outlined diagram versions, that is lighter (better for printing).
  • 25 vector icons representing common business concepts such as person, value, commerce, idea
  • 5 predesigned examples of problem visualization by Venn diagrams - customer satisfaction, best target client profile, personal savings, online marketing skills, coffee types
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss

What is the power of using Venn diagrams as your presentation visuals?

You have probably learned about Venn diagrams in primary school math. But they are great presentation visualization tool if you want to show overlap or common characteristics of a product or solution. Those overlapping circle drawings are simple enough to get the attention of your audience and explain more complex issues, assuming there is some common part.

Venn diagrams are fast to modify, add text inside circles or replace icons. On last slides you have set of several icons you can reuse or you can extend the icon collection by getting PPT icon set bundles (see Related Diagrams section).

Colors of this diagram shapes and icons are fully editable (all graphics is a vector format). So you use your branding colors.

How you can use the Venn Diagrams Template?

  • Venn diagrams represent intersections between several categories. The most simple is Venn diagram showing two sets A and B and their common and distinctive parts. Union of sets can represent joint characteristics of several problems or categories. This way you can explain complex problems show easily what is the key feature of your problems, what's the main connection.
  • Present how to solve problems using those Venn intersection diagrams illustration. By drawing a clear relation visualization among attribute sets. Works well if you have 2,3, 4 or 5 attributes. Venn diagram for over 6 categories can get too complex and hard to read.
  • You can use the plain Venn diagrams as printable worksheet to write inside. If needed remove colors and make transparent sets filling to get simple outline of Venn diagrams.
  • In social media Venn diagrams has been used to show some popular memes such as options of design demand: you get either good design, or cheap one or fast one. Not all three at the same time :).
We have created examples of using Venn diagrams for explain coffee types; digital marketing professional requirements and customer satisfaction influences.

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

  • changing color of the icon filling and its outline
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
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