Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)


210 diagrams, 47 icons (237 slides)

Package description

Creating a highly visual and elegant presentation content is possible if you have a collection of design ideas by hand. Using simple diagram graphics you can replace text bullet-points. For example, apply a flow chart to show processes and timelines. Illustrate agendas and hierarchies by list and structure diagrams. We have designed this comprehensive premium graphics library of PowerPoint visuals so you can quickly add it to your presentation. You can be sure that the audience will get all your ideas as the visual impact of graphics is huge. Diagrams cover all major types of content - enumerations, comparison tables, KPI data, or org chart structures.

This Premium slide deck contains over 200 of pre-designed PowerPoint layouts including:

  • 210 diagrams for presenting all basic diagram types (lists, structures, hierarchies), data charts, tables, maps and business concepts visual metaphors. You can find templates for comparisons, organizational structures, list enumerations, branching arrow, cycles, funnels, roadmaps, matrices or puzzle graphics.
  • Universal graphical style - outline shapes that are elegant, light and easy to print, too.
  • 47 icons covering multiple business concepts such as Strategy, Performance & Processes pictures - e.g. Lightbulb, Value, Quality, Goal, Technology, Acceptance, Finance, Trend, Growth, Increase, Measure.
  • Instruction on how to modify those diagrams and icons using standard PowerPoint editing tools.
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss)

What is diagram?

Diagrams are a form of visualizing qualitative information by simple shapes (arrows, rectangles, circles). Diagram expresses relations such as dependency, inclusion, hierarchy, and symbolic location of concepts. Examples are hierarchy diagram illustrating structures, Venn diagram - overlapping circles that show common parts on various concepts; flow chart representing milestones, or cycle diagram for presenting circular stages.

Where you can use the diagram visuals?

You can use diagram shapes for pretty every type of content - listing, funnel, sequence information, showing relationships among objects or hierarchies. Besides the presentation graphics, the same visuals can be used in text documents, reports, or as part of datasheet illustrations. You don't need to worry about the harmonisation of colors and shapes. InfoDiagram graphics can be imported to Word, Excel, Google Docs, or Keynote as well. Here are some examples where you can apply those diagrams:
  • Turn words into graphics by replacing text bullet-point list of features by list diagram
  • Present agenda, circular and ordered lists visually.
  • Express synergy between solutions - show common interest areas as overlapping parts of the Venn diagram.
  • Visualize the history timeline by chevron arrows diagram.
  • Represent financial data by data charts, matrices and tables, avoiding heavy numbers on slides.
  • Make your KPIs look more attractive by applying innovative graphics, such as a gauge or doughnut chart.
  • Present the product strategy with creative roadmap infographics.
  • Compare pluses and minuses of several options using comparison diagrams.
  • Illustrate business concepts such as a company vision, gap analysis bridge.
Try using those PowerPoint illustrations to present your content visually in an elegant way.

Light outline slides bundle contains pre-designed slides:

  • Diagrams set content slide
  • Enumerations diagrams and ordered lists

    • Hexagon list diagram for three key items
    • Hexagon list diagram for four key items
    • Modern lightbulb list diagram for four elements
    • Idea lightbulbs outlined showed with five column list
    • Outline key shape graphics with icons for four and six items
    • V-shape diagram list for four, five items
    • Honeycomb list diagram illustrated for five elements
    • Four elements headers with textboxes
    • Vertical list diagram for four and five columns with headers
    • Teardrop list enumeration diagram for three, four, five, and six items
    • List diagram template for five elements
    • Butterfly diagram for four elements
    • Executive summary template with main textbox and three key points
    • Summary list template of three features combination
    • Three and five column lists hexagon shape example
    • Five item vertical lists template
    • Horizontal and vertical hexagon list of four, five, and six elements
    • Arrow shape list template of eight items
    • Core team presentation template of three people photos
    • Team members presentation example of six people

    Circular lists slide

    • Triangle of circles list for three elements
    • Circular list of four quarters
    • Diamond shape list of four elements
    • Circular list of four elements
    • List template of five elements on a circle
    • Circular list of five elements
    • Teardrop shape list of six elements
    • Shutter lenses shape circle diagram for six and eight phases

    Agenda, chapters and TOC templates (text bullet points)

    • Agenda template showed with notebook shape table
    • Long agenda template showed with notebook shape table of content
    • Three, four, and five chapters agenda slide

    Comparisons diagrams

    • Scales comparison diagram for five elements
    • Pros and cons list comparison template
    • Comparison of advantages and disadvantages slide
    • Presenting two key text points slide
    • Comparison of products pricing table for four columns
    • Comparison template for male versus female statistics
    • Comparing three products descriptions slide
    • Two key performance indicators comparison slide
    • Pluses versus minuses for five items evaluation example
    • Two traits vertical comparison template showed with DNA helix

    Structures diagrams, pillars, key terms listings slide

    • Central point and division hierarchy structure diagram
    • Central data point and top-down hierarchy diagram
    • Ancient pillars outline diagram with four, five, and six columns
    • Pillars diagram with two column comparison
    • Simple pillars outline diagram with four columns

    Venn diagrams for intersection and synergy

    • Venn diagram for two intersecting circles
    • Three items synergy line diagram
    • Three categories common part for venn diagram
    • Venn diagram with three overlapping circles
    • Outlined venn diagram for four categories and common part
    • Outlined venn diagram for five, six categories and common part

    Central list diagrams

    • Central list of three product features
    • Butterfly diagram list central item and four elements
    • Teardrop shape centric diagram of six elements
    • List of four, six, seven, eight, and ten elements and central header
    • Central list of six hexagon shape items
    • Simple mind map with six branches and brain illustration

    Matrix diagrams slide

    • Risk matrix diagram 3 x 3 with status symbols
    • Big matrix diagram 3 x 3 for longer text descriptions
    • Dimension square illustrated with outlined matrix diagram
    • Four elements square matrix template with descriptions
    • Diamond diagram for four items presentation
    • Four elements comparison matrix template

    Puzzle shapes diagrams for integrity

    • Circle shape puzzle for three and four elements
    • Square shape puzzle for four elements
    • Five pieces jigsaw puzzle showed with central list
    • Five puzzle pieces cycle diagram

    Hierarchy diagrams and layers

    • Pyramid outline diagram for three and six hierarchy levels
    • Vertical layers tower diagram for four slice elements
    • Multi-level diagram template with 3D tile layers for six items
    • Onion diagram for three layers core
    • Centric dartboard diagram with four layers
    • Quarter circle sphere diagram with four layers
    • Orbit diagram with sun and three planet items with callouts
    • Iceberg line illustration of visible and hidden layers diagram with three and five levels
    • Head outline infographics for three, four, and five levels template

    Branching flow diagrams

    • Pipe flow diagram with fork out to three outputs
    • Single input to multiple outputs pipeline infographic
    • Pipe flow diagram with input split to five outputs
    • Diverging line arrow with double split flowchart diagram
    • Dividing line arrow diagram with three outputs
    • Branching flowchart block arrow with four and five outputs
    • Fork-out line arrows with five outputs list
    • Merge-in line arrows with five inputs list

    Org charts, hierarchy decision tree diagrams

    • Horizontal and vertical outlined decision with tree flow chart
    • Matrix structure outlined org chart
    • Mind map outline diagram
    • Organizational matrix chart outline showed with horizontal and vertical projects

    Process steps and chevron sequence diagrams

    • Upward line spiral diagram with four and five phases of development
    • Roadmap chart – plant growth illustration with four stages
    • Four stages list with outlined rocket launch graphics
    • Half-circle list template of six goal development stages
    • Chevron outline arrows process flowchart for three steps
    • Process flowchart for four vertical column steps
    • Three, four, and five steps process sequence outline template
    • Project transformation diagram
    • Bottom-up progress stairs diagram
    • Stairs up progress diagram
    • Increasing progress stairs diagram

    Cycle diagrams and loop flow charts

    • Closed and opened cycle diagram for five, six, and seven chevron arrows
    • Three, four, five, six, and seven steps arrow circle cycle flow chart
    • Four components cycle process flow chart

    Funnels and filter diagrams

    • Top to bottom funnel triangle diagram with four levels
    • Vertical and horizontal funnel diagram with five levels
    • Horizontal funnel diagram for four filtering layers

    Timeline diagrams

    • Upward arrow timeline
    • Seasonal activities timeline for four quarters
    • Straight line simple timeline
    • Straight arrow timeline for eight points
    • Events timeline for twelve months calendar line
    • Yearly activities timeline for five events with outline flag
    • Project timeline for six stages
    • Financial plan outline timeline 3-year-long goal
    • Yearly timeline with flight trajectory line graphics
    • Vertical and horizontal timeline with rocket launch graphics with four phases

    Roadmap flow charts slide

    • World journey roadmap infographics
    • Curved line diagram for five stages process
    • Roadmap curved arrow for six milestone objectives
    • Four, five, six, seven, and eight stages process roadmap with gear mechanics graphics

    KPI list diagrams

    • Three gauges charts for KPI presentation
    • Three key performance indicator values comparison template
    • Three performance indicators comparison with gauges illustration
    • Product market share pie chart slide
    • Product share, market value table and data driven bar chart
    • Doughnut chart in light bulb shape
    • People infographics matrix to show percentage data

    Table graphics slide

    • Project status table with RAG traffic lights indicators
    • Project status table with harvey ball indicators
    • Products comparison table
    • Projects gantt chart timeline with milestone lines
    • Yearly projects plan table outline template
    • Enumerated columns and rows table template
    • Three categories comparison table template

    Business concepts illustrations

    • Umbrella shelter outlined concept diagram
    • Increasing value outline chess pieces illustration
    • Strategy list of four elements with key chess figures graphics
    • Queen chess figure list diagram for six elements
    • Co-depending elements outlined Yin-Yang diagram
    • Three steps to victory: winning award concept illustration
    • Success factors and golden cup concept illustration
    • Human head concept of idea, inspiration, creativity slide
    • Buyer persona profile concept illustration list of six items
    • Battery energy level concept illustration with three and four stages diagram
    • Segmented bridge and pillars concept graphics
    • Bridge illustration with three states: current, transition, desired state
    • DNA double helix drawing of interlinked traits for five items
    • DNA structure drawing of interlinked traits with five columns
    • Conveyor belt outlined graphics for four and six elements
    • Book concept illustration
    • Award concept illustration
    • Molecule concept illustration for three, four, and five elements
    • Main idea presentation slide layout
    • Slide for a memorable motto
    • Headline or transition slide
    • Quote template

    All graphics are editable, so you can modify the colors and text. We added also a general icon collection at the end of the presentation deck. Optionally you can also extend the collection by more PPT symbols (see Related Diagrams section).

    Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

    • change the color of all shapes filling and its outline, including icons adding shadows
    • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
    • putting shapes behind or on top of text
    See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos Authors infoDiagram designer Contact: here

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