Sketchnoting Doodle Symbols (PPT icons and shapes)


170 doodle icons (45 slides)

Package description

Doodle symbols library for sketchnoting like creative slides design in Powerpoint

  • 170 hand drawn pictogram icons and shapes
  • on office, business, logistics, computers, education topics
  • 3 various backgrounds - yellow moleskin paper, neutral white and blackboard
  • fully editable vector symbols - you can change colors

Library of doodle clipart symbols for creating hand drawn ilustrations and process diagrams in Powerpoint.
  • 170 editable icons
  • symbols of office items: presentation, document ...
  • project planning symbols: steps, approval, disapproval ...
  • computers and IT: desktop, scanner, printer
  • education symbols: book, academic hat, board
Package contain:
  • Usage example of:
    • Idea spreading
    • Benefits of Sketchnoting
    • Process Diagram
    • Global supply chain process
    • Project steps
    • Evaluation table
    • Road to success is not straight
    • How to record a sketchnoting
    • Travel story layout
    • Benefits of Sketchnoting
  • Symbols of:
    • People: running, man
    • Creativity: brain, bulb, scissors, brush
    • Project planning: start, stop, sign, task, steps, traces
    • Mission, Vision, goal: bulb, top
    • Concepts: star, idea, question, mark, diagram
    • Approvements, disapprovements: happy, sad, face
    • Office documents: paper, notes, paperclip, notebook
    • Resources: money, man, clock, time, box
    • IT, Computers: monitor, notebook, laptop, phone, smartphone, printer
    • Communication: phone, message, letter, note
    • Contact: phone, email, letter
    • Meetings: audience, presentation, board, show, session
    • Experiments, testing: try, out, checking, sample, trial, analyze
    • Buildings: home, factory, mill, parliament, office
    • Media: microphone, radio, photo, recording, video
    • Localization, logistics: world, globe, earth, compass
    • Transport: car, truck, plane, bus
    • Tools: hammer, screwdriver, magnifier, ruler
    • Education: briefcase, diploma, graduate, book, student
    • Writing, drawing, creating, pen, marker symbols
    • Process and trends: arrow, diagram, chart, graph, direction, gear
    • Shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle
    • Arrows: direction, forward
    • Music: tune, melody, guitar
    • Sport: ball, football, rugby, tennis, trophy, volleyball
    • Nature: tree, forest, flower
    • Leisure: vacation, relax, kite, cycling, bicycle, water, sailing
    • Food, Drinks, Eating: cup, glass, bottle, drink
    • Cooking: frying pan, knife, fork, spoon, plate
    • Backpack, Clothes: pants, socks, t-shirt
    • Weather: temperature, sun, moon, sunshade, umbrella
    • Furniture: chair, table, sofa, bed
    Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
    • changing color of the icon filling and its outline
    • adding shadows
    • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
    • putting shapes behind or on top of text
    See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.


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