Scrum Outline Presentation Template (PPT diagrams & icons)


68 icons, 15 diagrams (29 slides)

Package description

Scrum methodology PowerPoint graphics is an universal visuals toolbox with modern outline icons. It’s a handy tool for presenters and trainers using agile framework to explain project roles, duties and flowchart processes.

This PowerPoint template contains various agile process diagrams and common Scrum artefact symbols that you can use to create a Scrum training presentation or a slide deck for agile project management meeting.

The PowerPoint Visuals Toolbox covers all essential Scrum elements you may need:

  • Scrum process loop arrows as editable thin outline and thicker wide arrows
  • Symbols for the key Scrum roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Devop team, Stakeholder, Client
  • Icons of Scrum Artefacts: Sprint board, Backlog, Impediment log, Burndown Chart, Sprint Goal and Status, Happiness levels, Poker cards, Postit notes
  • Scrum Meetings pictograms of Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming and Retrospective session
  • All diagrams and icons can be edited – you can change color, resize, add or remove Scrum elements

Outline PPT Graphics Toolbox for Scrum Methodology – Diagrams and Icon set

The PowerPoint Scrum Template contains:
  • Table of contents slide
  • Full Scrum process diagram showing process of agile product development. The Scrum flowchart represents process from project vision, backlog list, development cycles towards final product delivery. This main Scrum visualization contains outline icons of all involved players and events: Project Stakeholder, Product Owner, Daily Stand-up, weekly Sprint planning loop
  • Another similar full Scrum process flowchart but with thinner outline loop arrows. This diagram is more suitable if the process (loop) is less important than the roles around it.
  • Matrix diagram of Agile project development including portfolio and team groupings and several horizontal levels: Metrics, Service Levels, Planning level, Team and Development level and final Delivery and Maintenance. The matrix can be edited so you can adapt it as needed, e.g. rename, add new levels or remove them.
  • Stages flowchart diagram with stages and several Scrum-like loops showing input, feedback review. It includes also placeholder for legend, describing what specific icons mean
  • Niko Niko calendar table template for expressing mood of Scrum team members by adding happiness level icons (smileys or other status icons)
  • Scrum Framework Development Process Diagram with illustration of product backlog blocks ordered by task priority
  • Icon set of Scrum Artefact Icons: Project Backlog, Retrospecive symbol, Values and finance, ...
  • Scrum Loop arrows as PowerPoint vector shapes – thin outline arrow, thick arrow, separate daily scrum loops and several Scrum loop variations – closed loops, double output loop with secondary exit arrow representing high uncertainty returned tasks.
  • Visual symbols for all Scrum meeting types such as Backlog Grooming, Retrospective meeting, Daily Stand-up ...
Scrum methodology further resources

All Scrum Template graphics can be edited using the PowerPoint tools including

  • editing colors of the icon filling and its outline
  • writing own text content
  • moving or copying Scrum Loop arrow parts, changing their size, copying to different presentations - your own Powerpoint decks, to MS Word document, Excel or exporting to other tools such as Apple’s Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi. You can use any software that can read PPTX XML file format.
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.


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