Scrum Know-How Presentation Visuals (PPT diagrams)


28 diagrams with 50+ icons (42 slides)

Package description

Presentation toolbox with diagrams of Scrum concepts. This visuals template contains charts, diagrams and icons editable in PowerPoint. Explain Scrum and create this Agile methodology tutorial guides using graphics to present overview and basic Scrum processes and artefacts:

  • Scrum basics: History of Agile and Scrum, How to start, Right pilot, Building teams
  • Advanced Scrum Knowledge
  • Tips for Scrum elements
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Fully editable style, text, size and colors

What is Scrum? Definition and basics of Scrum.

  • Scrum history on timeline diagram.
  • Scientific management / Taylorism. Current management: Working Class, Manufacturing, Manager Class.
  • Current projects: changing requirements, no production, not predictable, innovate, customer value.
  • What we need for facing project? Essential elements icons: teams, responsibility, Prototypes / Increments, see the whole, inspect & adept, time to market.
  • Agile definition and scrum methodology.
  • Scrum process and sprint planning with icons of: Vision, Stakeholder, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developers, Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Review, Product Backlog.
  • Scrum Roles, Scrum Team and Stakeholders.
  • 5 types of Scrum Meetings - graphical definition: Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming, Retrospective, Sprint Review and Daily Scrum.
  • Agile Manifesto.
  • When to use Scrum - Stacey Matrix.

Advanced Scrum knowledge
  • Scrum guide - how to start with scrum? Slide icons: Transition Backlog, Transition Impediment List, Iterations, Culture impact, Inspect & adept.
  • Existing roles for Scrum management.
  • Learn how to combine Scrum roles. Create checklist before start: agreed roles, needed infrastructure, right pilot, common understanding, cross functional team.
  • Project managers role - Venn diagram.
Tips for Scrum elements
  • Sprint planning.
  • Backlog Grooming.
  • Daily Scrum.
  • Sprint Review.
  • Retrospective.
  • Build good teams: Trust, Environment, Support.
  • Organizational Change: Use pilots.
  • How to choose the right pilot?
  • Extend the piloting.
  • Distributed locations.
  • Principles vs. Practices.
Tools and Techniques
  • Information Radiator.
  • User Story.
  • Story Points.
  • Planning Poker.
  • Niko Niko Calendars.
  • Short conclusion and quick key points.
Resources about Scrum methodology
  • Succeeding with agile, Mike Cohn
  • User Stories applied, Mike Cohn
  • Scrum Shortcuts, Ilan Goldstein
  • Software in 30 days, Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland
People, Communities Agile and Scrum related websites

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