Status Traffic Light RAG Table Graphics (PPT Template)


22 charts, 67 icons (35 slides)

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Are you presenting a project status update? Illustrate the activities status by traffic light visuals, show what project have Go and what are No-Go by colorful RAG tables graphics. Use red, amber and green color to show how tasks development stages. We have created a modern and simple visuals of road traffic lights that you can use to enrich your Gantt charts or project review presentations.

This PowerPoint template with RAG Traffic Lights includes editable charts covering:

  • 22 charts and slide layouts to present project calendars and status of work activities. You can simply replace traffic light colors to indicate the status of a task, modify tables and text.
  • 67 icons in 2 styles - universal flat and light outline. Use them to illustrate project types, activities status, company departments, project stages, communication, strategy or product development.
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of charts or icons, resize without quality loss

What is RAG status charts?

RAG acronym stands for Red, Amber and Green colors of traffic lights. Those symbols are used in Project Management planning, to indicate the progress of project activity, or Go / No-Go decision. The RAG symbols can be placed inside the Gantt chart to visually show the task status

How to use RAG Traffic Light signs in PowerPoint?

You can create s simple traffic light from basic PPT shapes or get one from this template. Such signs can be placed next to the project name or inside status timetables. Having editable vector icons allows you to change the color of light by simple color fill update.

Why to use RAG visuals in a presentation?

Those are simple recognizable signs that can be placed next to any content. Benefits of using them include:
  • Colorful traffic signs indicate quickly the status of the project task.
  • They help to give a big picture of the project activities status. With one look you can see if there is a majority of red or green and what’s the progress of the project.
  • Having attractive visuals will help to get attention to your presentation much better than having text-heavy slides.
  • When having editable signs, you can quickly recolor them to update status over time.

Where to use traffic lights?

There are plenty of situations where you can add traffic light symbols. not only strictly in project management context:
  • In decision making tree, by adding RAG signs next to decision nodes.
  • Illustrate text list bullets to indicate if the item is positive or negative
  • Show a progress tracker by placing horizontally oriented traffic light next to the item
  • Present various roadmaps by adding road signs with traffic lights to present if open, waiting or closed passage.
  • Explain company strategy milestones and show if the milestone has been reached already or is still to be done.

Status traffic lights graphics are great while talking about project management and illustrating the state of activities. They are a basic metaphor for red, amber and green. The traffic lights diagrams are ideal to illustrate GO/NOT GO concepts or to display analyses and comparisons in your presentations. Besides this, with traffic lights design, you can present annual or quarter project plans, activity timesheets, and IT project steps review. Change the text in boxes as per your own needs.

Status traffic lights graphics contain:

  • Traffic lights diagram of factors for three items
  • Traffic lights status diagram for three elements showed with description boxes
  • HR recruitment project status table with RAG status indicators
  • Pipe intersection infographics showed with process status lights
  • Project stages roadmap slide illustrated with status RAG lights
  • Strategy roadmap emphasizing objectives and status symbols
  • Traffic lights status example for three, six elements with description boxes
  • Three column template showing RAG status diagram
  • RAG status diagram for four and six elements
  • Go / No Go project status indicators for six items template
  • Go / No Go project evaluation status diagram for six items
  • Traffic lights list of factors for two item sets on dark background
  • Six months task status table diagram with traffic lights
  • Quarter activity timesheet graphics
  • Annual project plan timesheet
  • Annual IT project steps graphics with status review template
  • Quarter project activity timesheet chart template with months and weeks
  • Project status table slide with RAG indicators
  • RAG status slide for risk assessment matrix table
  • Risk factors diagram for six items with icons
In the last part of this deck, we added a set of icons you can use too, to additionally illustrate the type of project activity or company department handling the task. You can extend this set by getting more business symbols (see Related Diagrams section).

Colors of all symbols, charts, and text is easy to modify (all graphics are in a vector format). So you can change them to colors of your template or company brand.

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

  • changing the color of the icon filling and its outline
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
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