Outline Business Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)


648 outline icons (122 slides)

Package description

Outline Business Icon Set for presentation infographics - over 600 PowerPoint vector symbols. You can use those symbols to illustrate fast your agenda or title slides, event plans and data charts. Icons are organized into eight areas:
  • People Management, HR and communication such as company roles and positions, message, collaboration, meeting symbols.
  • Finance and Sales budget, turnover, cost, savings, shop, credit card pictures, for example.
  • Icons for Strategy and Planning presentations – objective, vision, leadership and calendars
  • General Business Concept Symbols such as company growth, cooperation or comparison
  • Office Symbols such as various document, report, paperclip and mail contact signs
  • Data Analysis, Transformation Processes and IT systems
  • Images that represent Production, Logistics, Engineering and technical industries. You can those to illustrate product development from design , manufacturing, transport and end client delivery
  • Food, Health and Nature icon collection that can be applied for a medical or lifestyle presentation, as well as eco and sustainability related topics
  • Ecology – Climate Change, Global Warming and Plastic Waste Pollution icons /li>
  • We added 7 reusable examples showing you how you can use the icons in presentation agenda, meeting title slide, budget overview and pie chart with retail comparison and small business infographics.
  • All those are vector icons that allow you to do your own infographics using standard Microsoft PowerPoint editing tools.

The Outline Business Icons bundle contains a whole lot of compelling graphic elements. You can use them to design your own infographics for your presentation slides, content marketing, landing page, or process visualization. There are numerous templates illustrating concepts like data, human thinking, leadership, finance, and more. If you need a simple and professional infographic that centers on a visual concept, then this Outline Business Icons pack is a great choice.

The Outline Business Icons for infographics collection contains ready-to-use modern symbols dedicated to the following topics:

People management and Communication pics with symbols for illustrating team, professions, meetings, thinking process or planning board:

  • People, Team, Man, Woman icons
  • Customer Care, Teamwork, Meetings, Work Distribution, Round Table, Planning board, Structure hierarchy
  • People roles, Profession, Function, Specializations, IT Product Development, Reporting, Administration, Value or Treasury, Management
  • Human Head, Thinking Process, Emotions, Feelings, Creativity, Making, Question, Warning
  • Interpersonal Communication, Idea exchange, Persuasion, Understanding, Speech, Announce
  • Communication message, Discussion, Conversation, Chat Bubble, Citation, Quote

Finance and Selling icons with symbols for illustrating retail/pricing, finance, money, online or in-store shopping:

  • Finance, Money, Budget, Spending Distribution, Income, Expense, Costs, Revenue, Turnover
  • Savings, Give and Take Money/Value, Financial Insurance
  • Credit Card, Wallet, Payment, Cash register, Terminal, Customer Value
  • Banknote, Coin, Cash, Currency, USD, EUR
  • Price tag, Shopping Bill, Shopping Cart

Strategy and Planning icons with symbols for illustrating planning week/month, goal, innovation, leadership:

  • Strategy, Direction, Leadership, Plan, Milestone
  • Goal, Values, Idea, Vision
  • Innovation, Innovation Idea, Creativity, Business Growth
  • Planning week/month/quarter/year, Calendar, Date, Time, Hour, Glass, Clock

Business Concept Icons for illustrating sales, partnership, certificate, science, network, evaluation:

  • Company, Business, Sales, Partnership, Cooperation
  • Search, Magnifying Glass, Growth factors, Recruiting, CV screening, Detail Analysis
  • Certificate, Win, Cup, Award, New, Novelty, Reward
  • Security, Safety, Insurance, Key Lock, Protection Shield, Safety Umbrella, Caring Hands
  • Law, Justice, Court, Weighing Scale, Legal Document, Judge
  • Science, Research, Education, University Graduation, Physics, Nuclear, Atom, Rocket, Probe, Microscope, Handbooks, Academic hat
  • Networks, Organization Structures, Top-Down Hierarchy, Central Hub, Matrix, Link
  • Comparison, Evaluation, Good or Bad, Positive and Negative Trend, Thumbs Up and Down
  • Importance Status Signs, OK, Wrong, Warning, Danger, Question, Exclamation, Approval, Rejection
  • Moods Smileys, Happy, Satisfied, Indifferent, Sad, Disappointed Faces
  • Entrance, Exit, Open Door, In, Out, Enter, Leave, Step, Footprint, Welcome
  • Building, Office, Shop, Skyscraper, House

Office and Document vector with symbols for illustrating documents, reports, meeting presentation, contact:

  • Documents, Office Reports, Check List, To Do, Form, Notebook, Survey, Summary doc
  • Meeting presentation, Agenda, Slide, Flipchart, Board Report
  • Personal Identification Card, Paper Clip, Pencil Writing Playing Cards
  • Contact, Mail Envelope, E-mail, Mobile Phone, Paper Plane

Data, Reports, Systems, IT icons for showing data charts, trend data charts, process arrows, system process flow, personal IT devices:

  • Data Charts, Timeline Fluctuation, No Data, Bar Chart, Pie Chart
  • Trend Data Charts, Increase, Decrease Tendency, Plus Minus, Prediction Points
  • Measure Indicators, Meter, Adjusting Settings, Dashboard Gauge, Power Battery, Temperature Scale
  • Process Arrows, Inward, Outward, Against, Together, Opposite, Compose
  • System Process Flow, Input, Output Box, Serial Sequence, Upload, Download Arrow
  • Transformation Process Flows, Filter, Funnel, Feedback, Closed and Open Cycle Loop, Beckward Return
  • Personal IT Devices, Computer Monitor, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Al, Movie Media
  • Networking IT Devices, WI-FI, Router, DataBase, Server, LAN Network, Cloud Connection
  • Software Applications, Windows Screen, Webpage, E-commerce

Production and Logistics outline icons for illustrating manufacturing, automation, technical work tools, product handling:

  • Manufacturing, Automation, Production Factory, Engineering, Gears, Conveyor Belt
  • Technical work tools, Wrench, Hammer, Paint Brush, Repair Maintenance Team
  • Malfunction, Danger, Obstacle Wall, Firewall, Roadworks Sign
  • Boxes, Package, Product Handling
  • Transport, Logistics, Passenger Car, Cargo Truck, Train, Plane, Boat Shipping
  • Maps, Destination, Location Pin, World Globe

Health, Food, Nature icons for showing food, beverages, human body, ecology:

  • Food, Dairy, Vegetables, Fruits, Bread, Meat, Egg, Fish
  • Beverages, Milk, Coffee, Meal, Ice Cream, Sweets
  • Human Body Parts, Senses, See, Hear, Feeling, Smell, Touch, Touch, Taste, Eye, Ear, Heart, Foot, Nose, Mouth, Lips, Palms
  • Ecology, Sustainability, Recycling Trash
  • Green Energy, Eco House, Nature Friendly, Wind mill, Economic Light Bull
  • Nature Seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Water Drop
  • Food and drinks: Pizza, wrap, burrito, jam, jars with jam, cookie
  • Food and drinks: person eating, plate, knife, fort, meal break, soft cocktail drink, glass, wine, leftovers, fishbone

People roles, HR, management, communication

  • Person outline silhouette: user, man, HR organization structure tree, avatar, awarded stars, experts, group of people, team, cooperation, consensus
  • People groups, communication:giving/receiving information, speaking, active listening, delegating, teamwork, female, males mixed group, middleman, mediator, facilitator, intermediary
  • People groups, communication: two-way conversation, messaging, one way listening, conflict, misunderstanding, feedback, monologue, information transfer
  • Presentation meetings: workshop, presenting, presenter, flipchart agenda, meeting, speaker stand, microphone, group, specialists, expert, lecture, host
  • People roles: product business development, planner, controlling, manager, data security officer, accounting, accountant, engineer, repair service technician, salesman
  • People actions: study, learning, writing, creating, presenting, teaching, training, talking, communication, feeling, emotion, hear
  • IT profession people: computer science specialist, web developer, software engineer, coder, database system administrator
  • Leadership icons: strategy, CEO, director, manager, boss, supervisor, giving directions, compass, chess figure queen, female, male leader
  • Hand symbols - strategy, finance, care gears: implementation cost, financial value, investment, payer, profitability, personal care, hearth, HR
  • Personal development aspiration: challenge, mountain, aim, goal, objective, destination, climbing career ladder, motivate, reward stars
  • Motivation: rewarding, idea seed, plant, seedling, carrot, stick system, entertainment, theatre, reward, award, value, jewels, diamond

Data, IT, technology, industries

  • IT coding: artificial Intelligence, STEM, digital brain, machine learning, digitalization, program code, binary, HTML UI, interface development, calculus, document calculation
  • IT technology: big data, connected cloud, distributed storage, data silo
  • Data, trend line charts: increase, decrease, growth, data analysis, finance development, Sales, math, statistics, gauss distribution curve, 3D dimension axes
  • Data analysis: business, trends analytics, bar chart, increasing line, numbers zoom, detail search, magnifier glass
  • Status harvey balls: full, empty, half, quarter, 3, three fourth
  • Industry, new technology: 3d printing, drone, aerial surveillance, satellite, machine learning, robotic arm, smart connected Industry 4.0, industrial IoT internet of things
  • Life sciences, research: medical healthcare, biology, DNA helix, chemistry, R&D, pharmaceuticals, pill, medicine, structural formula

Plans, status reports, finance, office documents

  • Presentation visual, vocal: audio, podcast, microphone, verbal, listening, vision, visualization props, to illustrate, seeing
  • Status document: priority, written To-do, bullet points, task checkList, bullet point list, work assessment
  • Documentation, reports: file folders, business, documents, new project launch plan, financial reporting
  • Knowledge: learning, education, knowledge, book, documentation report, written information, wisdom, approved fact, new growth ideas study
  • Office building: business headquarters, premises, government Institution, regulator, regulation, skyscraper, high-rise
  • Money: banknotes, EUR Euro sign, USD dollar symbol, profitability, payment, currency exchange
  • Savings and financial risk: real estate, price tag, cost, sack of money, investment

Business concepts

  • Product development: plan, vision, distribution, production implementation, process, turning gears, move, cogs, engineering, manufacturing output measure, deliverable, evaluation
  • Problem solving: solution, idea, innovation, direction arrows, weakness, broken link/chain, obstacle, problem, goal, finish line, strength, dumbbell
  • Time: cycle, urgent, deadline, time limit, alarm clock buzz, hourglass
  • System flow: supply chain, distribution, multiple tiers, layers, process evaluation, modification, editing, cutting, scissors
  • Structures and patterns: regular material pattern, systemic, interconnection balance, peer to peer network overlap, geometry, common part/element
  • Media play: pause, stop, film, video, movie web player, mouse click cursor
  • Hardware, water, fire: water pipeline installation, metal screw, screwdriver, fire extinguisher, burning flame, protection, firefighting
  • Country flags: European Union, EU, United States, United Kingdom, Great Britain USA, Japan, China
  • How to edit outline, stroke icons slide
Sharp and editable vector shapes you can change using built-in PowerPoint tools including
  • changing color of icon
  • resizing without loosing image quality - icon edges will remain sharp even if you zoom icon to full slide
  • rotating, flipping the icons
  • putting icons behind or on top of other shapes or text boxes. Icons are transparent.
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
Content and design: Izabela Zvirinska

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