Flat Multicolor Icons for Business Infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Immediate download,
Single-user license

300 color flat icons (75 slides)


Package description

Extensive library of 300 flat multi-color business icons that you can use to create modern infographic presentation. All symbols are vector symbols inside PowerPoint file. You can apply those symbols to illustrate your agenda items, planning presentations and data charts categories.

Icons are organized in 7 topics:

  • Management and Corporate pics library with symbols for meeting, HR staff, workplace, budget or schedule
  • Banking, Finance and Investments pictures of transaction, loan, check, wallet and stock, for example.
  • Icons for Communication equipment and Marketing – online conference, PR, digital media and advertising
  • Education and E-learning symbols such as university, tests, distant and blended learning, tutorials, grade
  • Digital Media, Technologies, Social Networking and SEO infographic icons - keywords, blog, PPC ads, conversion, viral marketing, link building or landing page
  • Web Development and Design symbols e.g. prototyping, UI/UX design, API, coding, blueprint, performance A/B testing
  • Images representing Data and Informatics: system monitoring, file processing, big data, distributed database, LAN or Wireless network
  • Bonus - 6 reusable flat infographic examples illustrating use of those multicolor icons, such as vision and mission slide or Banking preferences chart.
  • All included pictures are vector icons that you can modify and resize without loosing picture quality.

We organized this collection of icons in seven areas, covering specific business categories:

    Icons are organized in 7 topics:
    • 1. Management and Corporate symbols
    • 2. Banking, Finance and Investments symbols
    • 3. Communication and Marketing symbols
    • 4. Education and E-learning symbols
    • 5. Digital Media, Technologies, Social Networking and SEO icons
    • 6. Web Development and Design symbols
    • 7. Data and Informatics symbols
    Sharp and editable vector shapes you can change using built-in PowerPoint tools including
    • changing color of the inside elements
    • removing inside element (ungroup 1st)
    • resizing without loosing image quality - edges will remain sharp even if you zoom icon to full slide
    • rotating, flipping the icons
    • putting icons behind or on top of other shapes or text boxes. Icons are transparent.
    See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.