Company Finance Data Charts (PPT Template)

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8 charts, 12 layouts and 13 icons (18 slides)


Package description

Preparing a company financial review? Present key financial graphs clear and attractive by using this PowerPoint template with data driven Excel charts. Add your revenue data and costs distribution structures, profit or customer acquisition performance over the last months.

We’ve designed PowerPoint deck with finance charts and presentation graphics that you can easily adapt to corporate reports. The PPT template contains:

  • 8 financial graphs (editable Office Excel charts) with place for descriptions
  • 12 pre-designed layouts to show company profitability, expenses, Key Financial & Customer Performance Indicators, Comparing Assets & Liabilities or ROA) over a Year, Operating Profit Margin Gauge Chart
  • 13 elegant line icons to illustrate various financial topics: Customer Acquisition Revenue, Sales Performance, Costs Distribution, Budget, Asset, Liabilities.
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss

What should a company financial report presentation contain?

Typical financial performance presentation includes Company Profitability, Revenue versus Costs plots, Expenses drill down to Production, R&D, HR, Marketing, Support costs, CAPEX and OPEX Costs Comparison and other KPI numbers and goals achievements dashboards.

To prepare professional presentation, you can reuse one of our chart templates, presented above.

Why to use this finance charts template?

To create quickly modern professional look of your financial presentation, reuse our PowerPoint graphics with light yet elegant line illustrations for chart titles, analysis description and business icons.

Enrich your financial graphs by visual legend - use logo symbols for specific categories (revenue, customer, costs). We’ve added a basic business icon set that you can extend further (see Related Diagrams section).

Colors of all chart elements and icons are easy to modify (all graphics is a vector format). So you can change them to colors of your template or company brand.

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

  • changing color of the icon filling and its outline
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
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