CEE Europe Maps with Administrative Territories (PPT editable)

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61 region maps, 59 icons (32 slides)


Package description

Editable maps of European Union - Central and Eastern Europe (so called CEE or V4 group of countries), including Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

All CEE countries have maps with regional administrative division. So you can precisely show in which district you are active or plan to be. This PowerPoint template contains text placeholders and call-out boxes with basic economical data of Visegrad countries. You are free to modify it, add your own descriptions.

  • Outline maps of Europe and four central EU countries - Polish Republic, Czech Republic, Slovakia Republic, Hungary. We included also maps with administrative territories (counties) and main city location pins for each country
  • Polish flag, Hungarian Flag, Czech Flag and Slovakian Flag icons
  • Geographic location placeholders, icons and hand-drawn arrows to present specific place on a map e.g. of a POI or regional meeting plan
  • Country macro-economy symbols & data: population, density, GDP, capital, transport, production, distribution
  • Fully editable maps, vector icons, arrows


Set of vector maps editable in PowerPoint of four Central Eastern Europe with administrative division.

Those countries are called V4 - Visegrag group of countries, as they share similar location and post-communistic history along with common accession to European Union.

You can use those maps to present local meeting plans, location of company headquarters, subsidiaries, factories and other facilities. You can visually plan the travel plans and supply chain routes by adding various POI icons and drawing arrows between cities, adding transportation means.

For each country we added overview of main geographical and political data, including capital location, GDP, population and area data. You can use these slides to analyze the local Central European market, for example.

We added a bunch of map placeholder, that allow you to draw influence regions e.g. around major cities, add data values in those influence radius, create legend with various color categories etc.