Branching Wide Arrows for Process Block Flow Charts (PPT Diagrams)

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17 diagrams, 13 icons (25 slides)


Package description

Collection of wide arrows for process diagrams in mono-color and colorful versions: forking out, switching process, interlaced or merging several inputs into one flow.

This Branching Wide Arrows for Process Block Flow Charts includes:

  • 17 fully-editable diagrams with various branching arrow shapes (converging several inputs into one point, or splitting source process flow into 2,3 or more outputs, parallel process, and interlaced arrows)
  • Modern professional-looking wide graphic style of block arrows, flat symbols and flat infographics blocks.
  • 13 example icons you can reuse to present business process elements such as Growth, Statistics, Data, Customer Service, Energy, Robotics
  • Instruction on how to modify those diagrams using standard PowerPoint editing tools

Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss).

Branching Arrows: When to use them as a presentation visual?

Standard PowerPoint shapes include only single-line arrow. If you don't know what kind of structures to use and want to express a process splitting or merging into 2 and more elements, you need to compose it manually from several arrow shapes. It’s hard to create elegant curved shapes quickly. That motivated us to create a pre-designed set of wide branching arrows you can use to show forking process or joint of several inputs into one in a nice readable way. Using wide modern arrows will leave you enough space for inputting the information and data you need arrows will not steal the attention from your slide content.

Examples where you can use those Branching Arrow graphics:

  • Show any process - from forking out to merging arrows flow
  • Present a corporation structure, e.g. including Infrastructure Systems, Solutions Company, Storage and Electronic Devices
  • Illustrate a company merge - joining several companies into one subject
  • Show a project switch and interlaced projects
  • Draw a converging flow, where more streams are combined into one mainstream.
  • Express the parallel processes coming in one direction
  • Present multiple projects or items using arrows fountain

Try using those PowerPoint flowchart arrows to illustrate your processes visually in an elegant way.

All graphics are editable, so you can modify the colors and text. We added also a general icon collection at the end of the presentation deck. Optionally you can also extend the collection by more PPT symbols (see Related Diagrams section).

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

  • change the color of all shapes filling and its outline, including icons
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
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