All Hand Drawn Icons and Diagram Shapes (PPT graphics Mega-Bundle)


760+ icons & diagrams (282 slides)

Package description

Set of editable handwritten graphical elements for PowerPoint - symbols, figures and shapes

  • over 760 unique editable pictograms, shapes and diagrams (arrows, banners, ovals, flow charts ...)
  • MEGA BUNDLE of 13 handwritten packages from - value of over $440
  • 3 handwritten graphical styles: ink lines with scribble and gradient filling, charcoal line, pencil
  • format: fully adaptable vector shapes in PowerPoint (color, filling, size - quality loss when zoomed)

Extensive collection of over 760 editable handwritten graphical elements for PowerPoint

  • over 710 hand drawn icons - people figures, business symbols, chart symbols, basic shapes
  • over 50 diagrams - fow charts with arrows, banners, ovals, diagram shapes ...
  • collection of our 13 handwritten packages
  • 3 handwritten graphical styles: ink lines with scribble and gradient filling, charcoal / chalk style line, pencil drawn style

Application examples
  • to illustrate slides by adding pictograms of different role characters
  • to create schemas, diagrams and process views
  • to enhance existing slides, add text highlightings
  • to design handwritten infographics, retro style, using only PowerPoint

Take your chance to get the set of editable Hand drawn icons and diagram shapes. With the help of the handwritten graphics you can clearly communicate the message to your audience. These hand drawn icons are relevantly different and unique because of its hand drawn effect.

Hand drawn icons and Diagram Shapes contains ready-to-use modern symbols dedicated to the following topics:

Charcoal symbols and shapes:

  • Basic symbols: wide arrows, straight shapes, rounded symmetric
  • Usage example: message item, highlighting text item, shapes combination, cycle, highlighting table item

Charcoal charts and diagrams:

  • Pie-, column-, bar-, trend charts, circular process-, block process indicator diagram, diagram shapes, flow diagram

Ink style symbols and shapes:

  • Symbols: pictograms, basic symbols, comparisons, trends, people, brackets, ellipses, blocks, arrows
  • Shapes: wide arrows, straight, rounded, symmetric, combined shapes
  • Usage example: communication schema, market map, highlighting text, cycle phases, highlighting table item

Scribble symbols and diagrams shapes:

  • Symbols: presentations, communication, professional activities, private activities, rounded signs, basic signs, development
  • Pie-, column-, bar-, trend charts with scribble filling, circular-, block process indicator diagram
  • Figures: role characters (general and business), professional activities, private activities, other activities
  • Usage example: organizational chart, flow diagram, process of design and production

Handwritten Agenda, progress indicators transition slides:

  • Classical agenda, agenda diagram or transition slide as progress indicator, agenda diagrams combinations
  • Progress indicator:linear diagrams, pie symbol, circular symbols
  • Agenda line, agenda line combinations
  • Agenda line combinations with timing: break time, lunch time, brainstorming time, practice time, discussion, presentation, lecture

Puzzle diagrams toolbox:

  • Four-pieces puzzle square diagram shaped with scribble style and text field
  • Four-puzzle circle diagram, puzzle circle diagram variations
  • SWOT example: 4-puzzle circle diagram styled with hand drawn scribble with text fields
  • Three-, five puzzle circle diagram with scribble text field
  • Scribble styled three-puzzle linear vertical and horizontal diagram
  • Timeline puzzle diagram
  • Puzzle set of eight and twelve pieces illustrated with scribble style

Handwritten pencil symbols:

  • Symbols, arrows, fillings, basic shapes, fillings, sale-, financial-, money symbols

Handdrawn arrows:

  • Single line arrows-, circular and wide arrows with ink line style
  • Basic diagram shapes depicted with ink and scribble filling
  • Usage example: circular schemas, flow diagrams, timeline illustrated with ink style
  • Usage example: single line arrows, basic line and arrow shapes, circular arrows, wide arrows, wide circular arrows, filled wide arrows, flow diagram, combined shapes depicted with charcoal style
  • Pencil arrows

Handwritten speech balloons clipart icons:

  • Speech balloons with ink and scribble-, gradient-, plain filling
  • Extra symbols: time, clock, calendar

Handwritten pencil banners and ribbons:

  • Ribbon banners, both-side ribbon banners, simple banners, circle banners, labels
  • Bookmarkers: transparent, with filling
  • Brackets and frames, fonts used in examples

Add-ons handwritten symbols:

  • Shapes: shapes, arrows
  • Symbols: road and transport, rail and water transport, product and storage, consumption, IT operations, world map, people, mood expressions, comparisons, communication, values, law, retail, shopping, goods, buildings, food
Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • changing contour color of the icon
  • changing color of the scribble filling
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.

Recommended fonts fitting into banners handdrawn style (not included in the package):
  • KG Hard Candy Striped
  • KG Second Chances
Fonts are designed by Kimberly Geswein.

You can get these fonts here:


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