3D Supply Chain Vector Icons (PPT isometric graphics)


7 diagrams, 64 icons 3D (33 slides)

Package description

PowerPoint library of over 60 editable 3D icons for Supply Chain Management diagrams.

This PPT template with isometric vector icons allows you to present in the realistic way various logistics flow charts, from manufacturer, distributor, retailer to end consumer.

  • 64 SCM Symbols and Diagrams shapes: Manufacturing, Production, Distribution, Delivery, Brick & Mortar Retail shop and online purchases, end consumer
  • Transportation Means of Road, Air, Rail and Water logistic routes. Even a drone symbol.
  • Isometric shape arrows and grid, for easier placing of 3D icons on a slice
  • 7 Supply Chain Management Flow chart examples, including editable data charts
  • Practical logistics examples infographics diagrams and PPT charts
  • fully editable icons' colors, outline, and size

We designed 3D view symbols for all basic supply chain components, including raw materials, transportation means, warehousing, retail brick & mortar or online shop. The slides set contains a layout with the built-in isometric grid, that allows you to place logistics icons and draw arrows between them.

Why use 3D Supply Chain Vector Icons?

You can enhance standard Office data charts illustrating its legend with 3D icons, or incorporating them into the bar or the pie chart. Presented graphics will help to highlight where the current process is and explain all stages from production to retail. Whether you are presenting information about retail and online sales or different methods of road transport, there are 3D logistical icons to suit your purpose.

How to use 3D Supply Chain Vector Icons?

A few ideas where you can apply those illustrations:
  • Illustrate specific supply chain components: production, distribution and retail.
  • Present detailed analysis of distribution point and delivery methods, delivery of products to the end-customer.
  • Show e-commerce ordering process, the steps between a customer placing an order and the product being manufactured and sent.
  • Present the repair process from customer service calls and spare part deliveries to sending on-site technicians.
  • Explain the supply chain for a variety of purposes.
  • Help those who are part of the process, from procurement to production, explain what role they play.

Content description

3D Supply Chain Vector Icons contains ready-to-use templates:
  • 3D isometric flowchart for illustrating Production to Retail process.
  • Detailed analysis of distribution point illustrated with 3D graphics and text description.
  • 3D column diagram for illustrating logistics areas: production, distribution, retail and shipment.
  • Delivery Methods data charts in two versions: bar chart with 3D icons, comparison pie shapes with a text description.
  • E-commerce ordering process illustrated with 3D icons flow chart: product selection, purchase order, payment, delivery.
  • Production and distribution 3D icons: Manufacturer, Factory, Building, Assembly, Component Supplier, Warehouse, Distribution Center.
  • Retail Sales Facilities 3D Icons: Brick, Mortar, brand store, retail shop, end consumer, shopper home, private house.
  • Delivery ways and facilities 3D icons: post office, delivery point, mailbox, automated parcel, delivery locker.
  • Resources and supplies 3D icons: raw material, planks, plates, liquid material, logs, rolls, powder form, chunks raw material, packed components.
  • Purchase 3D Symbols: packed end-product, retailer shopping, cart, basket.
  • Payment 3D symbols: money, bank transfer, credit card, invoice document.
  • Informatics 3D symbols: website application, IT Server, database.
  • Retail and online sales participants 3D icons: end customer shopping, online shop client.
  • Logistics process participants and transport 3D symbols: parcel delivery courier, end customer, truck, van car, train, railway, ship, plane, drone.

Resources links about SCM and Logistics

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • modify color of the icons to fit your brand
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.

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