Supply Chain

A collection of reusable ppt presentations for supply chain, logistics and transport industry. You can find here:
  • supply chain management process in ppt format
  • elements of supply chain management
  • editable diagrams for SCM processes
  • icon symbols of various air, sea or land transport
  • pictograms of all SCM parts, from production, distribution to retail and consumption

These sets allow you to easily design and show your global transport routes in your slides. All are PowerPoint / Keynote editable.

In these presentation graphics you can find slides with

  • supply chain symbols and schemas such as Production, Storage, Distribution, Delivery, Retail, Consumption
  • Icons of various transport vehicles
  • Location pins for maps, buildings symbols
  • Plus extra unique handdrawn logistics

We have designed our slides to help design impactful presentations about:

  • importance of supply chain management,
  • elements of supply chain management,
  • key issues and challenges in SCM,
  • functions of supply chain management
  • definition of supply chain management
  • market logistics