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Financial Decks

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Funding and Investment Management Presentations

Are you responsible for managing funds on behalf of other people to maximise its profitability? If so, you’re an expert on financial markets who can assess and develop a strategy of what is the most profitable action under certain conditions that increase the fund’s value in the long run.

Or perhaps your responsibilities include financial planning, cash-flow management and looking after customer portfolios for both private and corporate clients?

In any of the above instances, communication with investors plays a key role in increasing credibility and trust, showing care, and improving the company’s image in general.

Useful PowerPoint templates for Funding and Investment Management

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared a set of PowerPoint templates that we believe fits great to help you attract new and keep existing investors. You will find the following tools that could help you create your desired presentation:

  • various examples of Annual Report templates,
  • different types and formats of Financial Report PPT presentations
  • Financial Charts and Tables that suit perfectly if you want to present your numbers in a visually engaging style.
  • Stakeholders Analysis diagrams to identify and study stakeholders
  • Org. Charts template to demonstrate company structure and internal relationships.
We want to help you save time and provide the product you are fully satisfied with. Our templates will give you a tool to create an attractive presentation for an audience willing to trust their money and not necessarily familiar with financial terms, making the message friendlier, more digestible and easier to remember.

If you want to present crucial financial information in your Annual Company Presentation, you might want to show it to the audience in a visually appealing format so everyone will understand and remember it. Our template includes engaging icons that refer to particular financial topics. Clear and orderly arranged tables and graphs for your data can help visualize your message and raw numbers in a way that is easy to absorb and expand if needed.

Similarly to the above-mentioned, a graphically concise and attractive Financial Report can be produced to provide the financial status of your activities. Creating a visual display of your numbers can be attractive to the viewers and thus positively impact the management, stakeholders and banks.

Stakeholder Analysis template can tie in your targets with stakeholder interests and assess how they should be addressed. Onion diagrams, Stakeholders Identification Analyses, and Mapping Diagram templates can help you to demonstrate activities and outcomes at the team members meeting and outline the company’s value to the investors and stakeholders.

Creative design of finance data-charts can be the gist of your financial ratios, metrics and data demonstrated in a presentable manner. You can find an extensive variety of financial plots and tables on our website, whether you prefer to display your findings on a pie chart, gauge status indicator, line, or bar chart. Commentary fields, icons, and a combination of colors can make a pleasant scene for your data.

Org chart diagrams - to better understand your organisation and the relationship structure within it. Our PPT templates will give you a framework with specific departments and professional roles neat icons and graphic features that you can tailor to suit your needs of your institution.