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PowerPoint Templates for Engineers and Engineering Topics

Working on extremely detailed plans, conducting technical experiments, providing maintenance, using math and science to ensure the safety and efficiency of a process is just another Tuesday for an engineer. However, cooperating with your team for a project can sometimes prove to be tricky if you don’t have a clear medium of communication. Especially while working with non-technical audiences.

We have designed multiple presentation templates, diagrams, and icons for various industries to help you convey your ideas & data clearly. You can bridge the communication gap between you and the whole team much easier by using easy-to-understand presentations with visually appealing graphics and easy-to-understand charts.

Check out the multitude of alternatives below to visualize your PowerPoint presentations:

Visualize process improvement strategies, problem-solving steps, the DMAIC cycle, the related responsibilities, and the roadmaps for your team using the Six Sigma methodology PowerPoint template.

Level up your slides with colorful graphics with our Icon Collections. These PPT templates have icons, tables, and charts designed for numerous industries like construction, transport, electronics, production, IT, and many more in different styles.

You can use visual metaphors linked with engineering subject - more or less directly

Try out the Gears & Cogs Diagrams to present engineering stages, roadmaps, or various processes especially if you want to underline the dependent parts of a project.

Conceptualize your production line, a service launch process, a timeline, or a roadmap with our Conveyor Belt Diagrams. Or just use this metaphor to express any continuous process.

You don’t need to work in the construction industry to benefit from the crane visual synonym. You can create thematic illustrations for other subject areas with Crane Diagrams. It’s very intuitive to visualize your data and processes or explain the important parts of a concept using crane visuals. The deck includes specific themes like trade, logistics, supply chain; various diagrams for lists, and data-driven Excel charts to summarize your data.