Toolbox of PowerPoint templates for a Credit Risk Manager

If you work with a financial sector, dealing with a credit risk of some type, it is important to present your work outcomes in a clear way. Instead of using heavy text materials, improve your presentation quality by using illustrations. To help you communicate visually in your slides, we put together recommended templates with various PowerPoint graphics. You can use it to expand your presentations, make them more attractive and easier to understand. Here are a few examples of how you can use those PPT diagrams and icons to present risk-related topics:
  • Present risk classifications by segmentation into a risk matrix.
  • Show credit risk categories and demographic profile or credit applicant by a specific icon.
  • Explain loan-giving procedures by diagram flowcharts.
  • Illustrate your credit model qualities with data charts enhanced visually.
  • Present the credit scoring model development process by
  • Explain the theory behind risk modeling by showing the essence of machine learning algorithms.
  • Show data collection and sources availability by explaining the background of Big Data or OLAP cubes illustrations.
Using a PowerPoint template format lets you easily assemble your own diagrams using basic PPT editing skills. PPT format of slides can be imported easily to Google Slides or Keynote software if that is a presentation tool you use.